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Peppy Pets
Oct. 23, 03

Traveling with your Cat on Vacation with You

Schnozz, our 18 lb cat loves to travel. We live in
Naples, Fl. now but return to our original home state of New
Jersey once a year in the summer. He travels safely in his
crate and is very comfy. Since we sold our NJ home, we had
to rent a place for 2 months. I must say it was not easy
finding a place that allowed animals.... if it was only
going to be a week, it would be no problem, hotels and
motels that allow animals are easy to find, but we wanted to
rent a condo or house for that period .....not easy. 'we
finally did find a place and he fit right in....found a
favorite window to sit in and a comfy spot on the couch. 

His picture is attached. Schnozz walks on a leash, I had to
get a small dog harness to fit him, and loves to investigate
new areas. He is very pretty and before we left, all the
neighbors knew him and always came out to greet him when we
were out for our walk. He is a great friend finder! We met
many nice people, some who live in our town in Fl. that we
did not know before that summer vacation. We now visit each
other in Fl., and Schnozz is always invited over for the
visit too. We really love this little, actually Big, boy. He
is the best.

Sue Brennan


Spotee and Zuni travel with their pet parents to Jordan

We work in the Middle East every summer in Petra, Jordan
doing Archaeology and we used to take both of our cats
Spotee and Zuni. We lost Spotee recently and we still
vacation only with Zuni. 

It was a job taking them to Jordan, but they were very
behaved on the airplane. We flew from Phoenix to New York
and then we transferred on Royal Jordanian Airlines. On the
Foreign Airlines we got special permission to take our cats
in the cabin. They are so lucky that they flew first class
and sometimes even got their own seat, otherwise they sat on
my lap for the trip. 

They settled in wherever we take them. I even had my cat
Spotee have a great vacation. She went donkey, horse and
camel riding. I even have pictures to prove it. She liked
the camel the best since it was so high off the ground. 

Zuni, the other cat was born there and we found her and
rescued her from under a camel. She has gone to Jordan 6
times and Spotee has gone 5 times. 

It was better to take them then to leave them behind so they
were both happy as long as their Mommy and Poppy were with

We have taken them on many other trips across the country.
Zuni just got back from Las Vegas and we are heading to
Tucson for a week.

Lin Hammond

Here's some pics of Spotee the cat traveling on vacation

Taking Cats on Vacation, Camping and Taking cats on Road Trips

See our informational article on traveling with your cat


Tigger Little hisses at a raccoon while camping

My boyfriend, "Big Al," and I used to take my yellow tiger
cat, "Tigger Little," camping with us. 

One night at Pfieffer Big Sur Campground, we were sleeping
under the stars. Tigger was in his favorite spot, near our
feet inside the sleeping bag. Around 3:00 in the morning, I
heard the rustle of a raccoon in the bushes near us. Ever
the hero, our little Tigger rushed outside the sleeping bag
to "save" us and hissed at the raccoon.

Fearing the raccoon might harm him, I pulled our hero back
into the bag and told him, "This is no time for heroics!"
Sadly, Tigger is no longer with us. But one day, when I
cross that Rainbow Bridge, we'll be together again for all
Kathleen Little


Our cat, Serena, is 10 years old now and has developed a
craving for milk in her old age.  She has come up with a barter
system for getting one more little bit of milk late at night.
excellent hunter all her life, she is used to being praised for the
"gifts" she brings us.  Every night, just before lights out, she
brings a cricket into the kitchen and yowls until I come
downstairs and thank her; then, of course, she gets a little milk.
Sent in by: Linda Weatherby


I have two cats - had three but put my 18-year old down last
year. I always plan my vacations around my babies. I never
board them because it traumatizes them too much. My daughter
and I have an agreement that when I go out of town she comes
over twice a day and feeds them and plays with them and I do
the same for her. We leave each other notes about their
favorite toys and what entertains them. That way they can
stay in their familiar environment with as little stress as
possible. I have also trained my cats and they do not get on
tables or countertops. 
Later - Sandy Walsch


We plan vacations around our pet. We always make sure someone
can come by daily and feed, water and play with our kitty.
She of course misses us and bites and claws our ankles when
we return. (She also runs circles around the house when we
first get home as she is sooo happy we're back)
Betty Whittemore


We have taken our cat (Yar) with us several times on
vacation. He is a white Turkish angora cat with blue eyes.
He loves the car and we have him on a lease which have had
several comments about it.
Ed & Betty Faranda


If I am going on a short road trip to do some camping, then
I will bring my 2 cats or at least one of them (I haven't
gone camping since I adopted my 2nd cat). If I am flying
somewhere for a trip then I won't bring them with me. I just
make sure that I don't go longer than 3-4 days (including
the day I leave and the day I return).

No matter what, I cannot be away for too long as I do have
fish to take care of and geckos, as well, and I don't really
have anyone to watch the pets when I'm gone.

Hope that helps with your survey!
Anna Rickard


I wish our cats could go on vacation with us, but don't see
how that's possible. We have an 18 year female cat and she
would go bananas if we took her along with us, and we have a
diabetic cat that I don't think would handle traveling. Now,
we're trying to find a cat sitter because we do have a
vacation planned. Any suggestions?

Kay Pingel

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