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The Colorful Orange and White Pearlscale Goldfish

The Pearlscale Goldfish (Carassius auratus) is a fancy goldfish which
was developed quite recently compared to some of its cousin's

It is a rounded 'dome' shaped fish with similar finnage to an
Oranda goldfish.

It has 'domed' scales which have white dentres (caused by deposits of
calcium carbonate), which give it the name 'Pearlscale'. These scales
tend to glisten in the light.

This variety is relatively hardy, but although it has
been suggested that they can be kept in ponds, in my experience
it is not good for the fish as they tend to be susceptible to
long periods of cold, so should not be kept in a temperature any
lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods.

Picture Pearlscale Goldfish

To admire their scales they are also better kept in aquariums. They
are a very compatible fish, and can be kept with any other fancy
goldfish variety.

They tend to be slow moving though, and are not always very good
swimmers so it is best not to keep them with Common Goldfish,
Shubunkins and definitely not Comets!

They also are prone to swim bladder problems because of their 'blown up'
bodies. This can sometimes be treated though.

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