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a Feral Kitten

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Beginning to Tame your Feral Kitten - Part 2 - Socializing
By: Alfred

Confining your Kitten to a Small Room

After a week of the previous steps your feral kitten should now be
used to you and is past being frightened every time it sees
you. Some kittens take longer and some kittens only take a
few days, it depends on the kitten.

You can start building trust with your feral kitten by letting the
kitten out of the cage and into a small escape proof room
that has no plants or dangerous chemicals. This allows you
kitten a little more freedom to play and roam.

You want to thoroughly kitten-proof the room. If you have
had children it is much like baby-proofing a room. Make sure
that there are no cords to chew on, nothing that is a
climbing hazard, and nothing that can easily be knocked over
by your kitten, no plants and no chemicals.

Keep the cat cage or cat crate in the same room with the door
open so that the kitten has the option of going back in there
when it wants to or if it needs to use the litter box.

Exposing your Feral Kitten to other Humans

Now that you have built some trust with your kitten and it
has bonded some you want to start introducing it to other
humans. This process starts when it no longer bites or
scratches you. Feral kittens have a tendency to only bond
with one person, however if you don't intend to be the
kitten's caretaker for life then you should socialize it
with other humans.

You want to expose the kitten to only one person at a time.
Make sure not to allow your kitten to be mobbed or have a
lot of people cooing over it. This can undo all of the
training that you have done so far.

If you can you should expose the kitten to children so that
whether a home has children or not doesn't become a
hindrance to adoption. Pick one well-behaved child that
obeys well and is gentle. Most children see a kitten and
think it is a toy to be played with. At a later time the
kitten may put up with this but not at this point in its
life will it tolerate roughhousing from children.

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