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Pet Emergencies

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The Online Newsletter for Pet People
April 08, 03

Pet Emergencies.....
What To Do If & When They Happen

Pet emergencies can occur anytime and the best thing
to do is be prepared which we will show you some basic
tips here.

Tippy & Alfred would like to give you some really good
free reports you can have on pet first aid.

Select Any of the links below, each will take you to a
specific article on pet emergencies or dog and cat first aid.
We want you to be prepared in case you ever do encounter
an emergency situation with your pet.

General First Aid & Emergency Care for Dogs & Cats

Dog First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Cats


American Red Cross Pet First Aid Book

(There is a small fee for this book)


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I think the first words the "pups" understood was mommy
loves you and kisses for mommy. JJ and Princess were
adopted from Pet Pro Life and Pet smart in Fountain Valley,
Ca. when they were 7 weeks old. They are now 8 1/2 years
old and are brother and sister. They are supposed to be part
Rottweiler, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. You would
never know it by looking at them. 

They weigh about 70lbs. JJ is black with a little white on
his chest and Princess is rust with some black on her back
and white on her chest. She is my "most prettiest" and looks
a little like a Ridgeback. She needs her mommy around all
the time so we have not taken a vacation since we adopted
them. JJ is my sweetheart and best friend. His favorite
thing to do is play ball. My husband plays with them for at
least a hour every evening. We could not afford a house in
California with a big enough backyard for them so we
relocated to Las Vegas where houses are not as expensive.
Now they have a nice size backyard and can play when ever
they want to. Mommy loves JJ and mommy loves Princess are a
daily occurrence. I can't imagine not kissing and loving
the "pups" every day. Thank you for letting us tell everyone
how much we love each other.

Mommy (Carol), Daddy (Jeff), JJ and Princess


I have a 9 month old female Jack Russell Terrier and I
always tell her I love her. I tell her "momma loves her very
much" and she always gives me kisses after I tell her. She
never wants to be far away from me and when I'm trying to
get paperwork done and give her to Daddy to hold, she jumps
off his lap and into my pile of paperwork to lay down with
"momma". Daddy never tells her he loves her. 

Shari Jones

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