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Understanding what it

means with dogs &

cats that have Arthritis

Peppy Pets: the Informative & Free Pet Ezine
April 16, 03

Arthritis In Dogs

If your dog or cat exhibits or suffers from any or all of the
symptoms we have listed below, then there's a good chance your
pet has some stage of Arthritis.

If you find your precious pet having these symptoms, then we
have information on what the various remedies are and the one
that we at Pet Care Tips personally endorse along with many
other veterinarians and individual pet owners, simply because
they have seen the remarkable results.

If Your Dog or Cat Exhibit the following symptoms:

*  Mobility loss
*  Stiffness or lameness
*  Joint Pain
*  Wobbly gait
*  Difficulty in going up or down steps
*  Difficulty in rising

There is a Safe & Effective answer to Dog Arthritis Problems!

Dr. Jane Bicks has scientifically formulated a Powerful
Nutritional product called Agility which supports the
biochemical functions necessary for healthy bones and
joints in your pet.

Agility is Safer for your pet because it is an All Natural
supplement that delivers special nutrients and herbs to the
joints, bones and surrounding tissue.

Agility is specially formulated for large breed and long backed
dogs (of any age), senior cats, and senior dogs. It is also
recommended for pets suffering from mobility loss, stiffness,
and joint pain.

You can find out more about how Dr. Bicks' Agility formula.

Agility Formula Online Here

I believe that our pets come back to watch over us just like
our other family members. In fact I was watching a program
called "Beyond with John Edwards" and he was telling this
women that not only her family was there but that her dog
was there as well but not coming through like a pet but more
like a person. This just reconfirms my beliefs that a pet is
more than just a pet but a part of the family just like a
brother or Aunt. You hear all the time how pets save their
owners in so many different ways, that it just goes to
reason that they will continue to look after you as long as
it is possible.

Tana Lehman


Yes, I feel our pets come back as Guardian Angels. I lost my
little (dog) Chico, this February. He was 15 years old. He
was very protective of me. He died in our bed with his head
in my arms a 3:15 am on the 28th. I feel him around me even
to this day. Norma Garcia

I think my cat talks to me .. it sounds like he
says MAMA and he also makes several other sounds
when he wants things


We have five pets! Four dogs and a kitten. Three dogs live
outside in our backyard and I think they would say to us
that we need to take them for more walks. Or that pig ears
are there favorite treat! Our inside dog, a short hair
Dachshund. He's totally spoiled, so I think he would tell us
how much he loves us and that he rules the house, NOT the
kitten! :) Our new member of the family, our 9 week old
kitten. We have had him for three weeks now and he's totally
adorable. He would tell us that he has the ideal life. All
he does is sleep, prowl around the house when he feels like
it and we give him his Fancy Feast. He would tell us how
much he loves us and thank you for giving him such a warm

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