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the English Foxhound

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Help the English Foxhound Live Healthier with Good Nutrition
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Though stouter than his American cousin, the English
Foxhound requires the same nutritional aids as other

Calorie counting and exercise are a must for the
older dog, because an overweight foxhound just
isn't socially acceptable.

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English Foxhounds
By: Tippy

The English Foxhound is an active, bold, obedient,
passionate, responsive hunter. They do take patience to
train. They are excellent with children and friendly with
people, But they prefer the company of other dogs and they
do well with other animals as well.

The English Foxhound loves to bay and they can run for hours
at the same speed through all types of terrain. They have
been known to run for five to six hours without stopping.

The English Foxhound was developed from mixing various
hounds intelligently, then afterward carefully breeding the
resulting mix with the Bulldog, Fox Terrier and Greyhound.
From these breeds they gained force and authority, passion
for the hunt and sudden bursts of speed during the chase.

Studbooks have been kept carefully by the British Masters of
Foxhounds Association since before the eighteen hundreds.
English Foxhounds are used to hunt foxes with the hunters on
horseback. They have a good nose and impressive stamina.
They can run steadily for many hours at a time. Some of the
English Foxhound's talents include agility, hunting,
tracking and watchdog.

The English Foxhound is an athletic, clean-cut, elegant
hound with a wide skull and long muzzle. The neck is long
and the hindquarters are very strong. The legs are straight
and they have round, cat-like feet. The tail is held gaily.

The ears lay flat to the skull and are pendant. Hunting
hounds will often have the bottom edge of the ears shortened
in order to avoid nicks and tearing while on the hunt. They
have large eyes with a gentle sweet expression.

The English Foxhound has an easy to care for, hard,
shorthaired coat that is usually tri-colored or bi-colored
on a white background. Usually the colors are black, tan and

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