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Very Active & Intelligent,

but sometimes nervous,

Colorpoint Shorthairs

Picture Colorpoint Shorthair Cat

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The Intelligent Colorpoint Shorthair
By: Alfred & Baby Kitty

The Colorpoint Shorthair is the CFA or Cat Fanciers
Association name for a breed category developed in the
United States. This covers pointed or any other patterned fur
in cats of Siamese ancestry that does not meet breed
standards. To achieve Siamese type cats with other than the
standard coloration, Siamese cats were crossed with red
Domestic Shorthairs, American Shorthairs, and Abyssinians.
More Siamese was later bred back into the line to bring the
cats closer to the Siamese body and temperament standard.

The name Colorpoint is also given to cats with Siamese
ancestry that have the four recognized Siamese colors of
seal, lilac, blue or chocolate, but whose pedigrees show
other colorations in the previous eight generations. But in
every cat registry except the CFA, so far, the Colorpoint
Shorthair is considered to be a part of the Siamese breed
rather than a distinct breed in itself.

In other countries, Colorpoint or Colourpoint is the name
given to cats of Persian type that have pointed coloration,
such as the Himalayan.

According to the CFA the registered Colorpoint Shorthair may
only be shown in the red point coloration, the cream point,
tortoiseshell point or any of the colors in tabby or lynx

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a very intelligent cat. They are
people-friendly, playful and extremely affectionate. They
enjoy lounging around are considered to be outgoing and
enjoy playing with people. They are described as an
extroverted cat breed.

Some individuals of the breed can have nervous temperaments
and be very sensitive. They often do not adapt well to
strangers or to sudden environment changes. Some Colorpoint
Shorthair breeding lines share a tendency to certain
inherited disorders such as dental problems and liver or
heart problems.

Like Siamese, these lively and expressive cats demand
attention and can be extremely vocal. They want and need
human attention and companionship and make great companions.
They are also a good choice for people with allergies, as
they have little dander.

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Special Considerations for Colorpoint Shorthairs
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Essentially and for all nutritional purposes,
the Colorpoint Shorthair cat is Siamese with color variations.

To meet it's high energy needs and still retain it's
beauty this cat requires a Premium cat food with a
high biological value protein and balanced fatty acids daily.

Commercial cat foods with a high cereal or carbohydrate
content should be avoided, as should raw meat diets
(these can cause muscle flaccidity and hair loss).

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On the other hand, non digestible carbohydrates (fiber)
such as beet pulp or grated carrots, should be
included in your cat's diet. These will cleanse
intestine walls, preventing bowel problems, and
keep it from getting fat.

If there is a fiber insufficiency, you'll soon find
your genius rectifying it by chewing socks, sweatshirts,
towels and so on. Growing kitty greens could save
you lots of socks.

For a very active cat, a little nutritional calming
can be obtained by supplementing the diet with a
balanced Vitamin B complex or 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon brewers
yeast or torula yeast daily. I give mine chamomile
tea (1/4 teaspoon in it's food); this seems to help
him digest while keeping him calm. I add hops to his
evening meal which allows everyone to sleep during the night.

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