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Given the opportunity,

Can Reindeer

Really Fly?


Peppy Pets
Dec. 20, 02

Do real Reindeer Fly, or just Santa's Reindeer?

Christmas Eve is coming soon and we all love to see
pictures of Santa and his sleigh pulled by his 8 flying reindeer.

Do you know the answer to this question.....

Are Santa's reindeer male or female?

Do you know why, for instance, none of Santa's reindeer
can possibly be of the male gender? And, what gives with
reindeer being able to land on rooftops and then take
off flying from a standstill? What is pretty cool is that
reindeer are pretty darn good swimmers.

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If, pets could talk, what would yours say?

I think if my pet Mindy could talk she would tell me to lay
on the food more and tell me to chill out and not worry
about if she sleeps late. Being 16 years old should give
this pug some pleasures of life. And by the way she would
tell me to take a nap with her. 

Why does my human spend so much time sitting at her
desk and staring at a screen? Why doesn't she clear
off some more space so I can at least keep
her company?



My pet boxer, Kendra, says that she is so happy to have
joined our family 5 years ago from the Sac county pound. She
says that both her human family, my wife and I, and her
canine companions, Kahlua and Sammie, have provided her with
a loving, warm, and active home.


I Rocky, a Miniature Pinscher male who loves me to
pieces and I love him right back. But when I go out from
home and return he always barks and barks at me and I just
know he is chastising me for leaving and wondering where I
went. We talk about it a bit and he settles down. He
probably also is wondering why I didn't take him along. I
have just ordered a car seat belt for him so he may get to
go with me some in the future.

I have another dog Shady that is Jack Russell Terrier and
Beagle mix (my vet calls him a Bagle) and he likes to lounge
in a particular chair. Another Mini-Pin female (Cinnamon
Cookie) stands in front of the chair and barks at him and
when he moves out, then she hops into the chair. They have
it all worked out between them I guess. 

Now all three are getting used to our new yellow, blue eyed
baby kitten--maybe a month old. They have learned not to
harm it but it hassles them. A very feisty little one. We
don't know just yet if it is a girl or boy. It's name is
Taffy. That will work for whatever gender it is. They are
all getting along quite well.

Shirley Borden,


At the moment it is 11:45 PM, my dog Boo-Boo just woke up
from a nap in my chair, and he's looking at me as if to say
" Mommy, when are you going to get off of that computer so
that we can go to bed ? " I almost expect to actually hear
him speaking English to me, any day now.

Deborah Smith


My husband and I share space with two American Eskimo Dogs
named Harpo (8 yr. old male) and Sugar (5 yr. old female).
Harpo is the inquisitive one and is always asking questions:
"Where are we going?" "WHEN are we going?" "When will you be
back? I can't get in the drawer that holds our food, ya
know." Harpo talks all the time. If his eyes are open...he's

Sugar, on the other hand is sweet and shy. She doesn't talk
much, but when she does, she will tell us how much she loves
us and how thankful she is that we rescued her from a less
than caring household.

When it is time for everyone to go for a ride, you'd think
they had never gone before. Jump, bark, smile, yipppeee! "I
get mom's lap, I get mom's lap" Harpo yells. He knows mom
rides shotgun while dad drives and when he is on mom's lap
he can put his head out the window.

Sugar lies between us, unconcerned about what is going on
outside out truck and sighs as she says, "I love going for
rides with you, mom and dad. Being with you is what I live

My husband and I are the luckiest people on earth to be
sharing love with two such special dogs. They complete our

Pam and John Giberson

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