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The tough story that

some pet owners deal

with on Euthanasia

Peppy Pets
February 05, 2003

Gathering the facts on Euthanasia

It's always a tough decision a person has to make on
whether it's time to put your pet to sleep or not
with euthanasia.

It makes the decision even harder when a person doesn't
have all the facts about euthanasia.

Tippy & Alfred have put together a free report that will
tell you everything you need to know about euthanasia.

get your free report: "All about Euthanasia"


Today's Hint
By: Dr. Bicks D.V.M.

Debilitated Dogs

Sick or recovering dogs needs supplements, but only after
you consult with your vet. They need energy supplements;
electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc); additional
protein and fatty acids; B vitamins; garlic to strengthen the
immune system and supply potassium; antioxidants;
acidophilus; and vegetable enzymes.

Go here to learn more about my Daily Nutritional System


I tell Rio, my Beagle, every day that I love her. She tells
me the same without words. I call her my brown-eyed girl
because of her eyes. When she looks at me my heart just
melts. She's a good girl.

Pat Kinnan


My dog's name is Luna, she's a 7 yr old Fox Terrier /
Chihuahua mix and I do tell her I love her all the time!!!!
She's a great dog, very loyal and always wants to be playing
no matter what time of day or night!

Jacqueline Forsey


I have 10 pets. 1 dog (Simba), 3 cats (Tommy, Meg and
Willow), 2 bunnies (Snuggles and Cuddles), 1 hamster
(Butterscoth), 1 sea turtle (Michaelangelo AKA Mikey) 1 fish
(Nemo) and 1 hermit crab (Shelly or Crabby...depends on the I talk to all my animals and tell them I love
them. Especially my black cat, Willow. I say how's mommy's
baby all the time or Mommy loves the baby 

Autumn Katz

Tuply: the Miracle Pet

I feel I am very lucky, about five years ago I hurt my back
and ended up with reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, or
crps. It is a nerve condition where you are in agonizing
pain all the time. One day after a doctors appointment I
stopped by a friends house to watch him paint, anyway he
kept complaining about this cat that kept coming to the door
wanting scraps. It was a beautiful cat and being alone I
asked him if I could take him home.

He was happy to go for a ride and I stopped and got him some
cat necessities. After I got him home he made himself a
place in the litter box and ate heartily. I was about shot
for the day and had to lay down, the next thing I knew was
that cat snuggling up with me and going to sleep.

Being I spend about 14-16 hrs a day in bed it was a comfort
to have a companion who took to me. My girlfriend said you
have found a miracle pet. I named him Tuply because he is two
colors, white and grey, so it seemed to fit him. He learned
his name fast and was needing a vet checkup, so off to the
vet he went, since then I have kept him healthy and well
cared for , he is my best buddy.

I put a stake in my front yard with a lead hooked to it, so
he can go out and lay in the grass and watch the birds and
squirrels. My girl also made him a cat playhouse, and also
put up a perch by my one kitchen window. He lets me know how
he is by a series a grunts and mrrw's He never really meows
like you would expect a cat to sincerely.

As the years have gone by I had become so attached to him
and everyone who met him said they had never seen a more
social cat as Tuply. It has helped me with my disease,
making life worth living. He is a true miracle pet.

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