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Preventing Overweight

Dogs & Pets

Peppy Pets
Feb. 12, 03

Obesity is an unkind Disease occurring in Pets

Obesity is a frightening disease in dogs and pets, because, in
addition to causing serious discomfort and body
dysfunction, it exacerbates other diseases. Obese
animals may have trouble breathing. Obese animals
with heart or lung disease can have deadly trouble.

Arthritic animals undergo needless discomfort when
carrying extra fat around. Obesity is known to cause
liver disease, hypertension, constipation, heat
intolerance, and increased risk under anesthesia.

With all these problems, it is easy to see why obese
animals do not have normal life expectancies. In
addition, lean animals have better immune system
function and don't form tumors as readily.

How can you tell if your pet is overweight? The
best rule of thumb is to feel around the ribs—if you
can find them.

Cats should look like a straight line from above
and the sides. Dogs at optimum weight should have a
waist, and you should be able to feel their shoulders
as well (some dogs, like some people, actually
accumulate fat in the shoulder area making them appear
to have a waist while they are, in fact, overweight).

If you cannot find ribs, but can grab handfuls of fat,
it is time to consider a weight loss program.

Here is an easy to read online chart that will show
you exactly if your pet is overweight or not:

How To Determine If Your Dog Is Overweight


To Learn More About Overweight Pets, select any of these
free reports:

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Find Out If Your Dog Is Fat

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Tips On How Your Dog Can Live A Longer Life

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Help...My Dog's Overweight

Lean Dogs Live Longer


Thank You God every day for my Baby Bear
Nelda McDonald

I have the most wonderful dog in the world. She was given
to me for Christmas in 1998. When I got her she looked just
like a baby black bear, so I named her "Bear". She is so
devoted to me it is just unbelievable. She never leaves my
side except to be taken outside for potty relief. I am
handicapped with rheumatoid arthritis and deaf in both ears.
She does my hearing for me when it comes to someone at the
door or outside my apartment and she also lets me know when
the phone rings and when the microwave beeps. I am quite
sure she would let me know if anything were wrong in my
apartment, ie. fire, etc.

I just wish I had a picture to send to you so you could see
what a beautiful dog she has turned into. She is a mixture
of Black Lab and Black Retriever and Sharpei. You can't see
the Sharpei unless her hair is cut very short. She has
shiny beautiful fur, and is overall healthy. As you can see
I love her very much and I know she loves me in return. She
was specially trained to do all of these things when she was
6 months old, so that she could be a assisting dog for me.
I thank God every day that I have her.

Pet Longevity
By: the Good Doctor, Jane Bick's

Find out if your pet food is actually causing disease and
illness and possibly shortening the lifespan of your
precious pet. None of us want that for our friends
who give us so much joy and satisfaction.

Please do them a big favor & Take 12 short minutes to
listen to this tape.

About Pet Food Here


Dairy products may not be right for your dog.

While it's true that milk and cheese are excellent sources
of protein and fat, they can cause diarrhea in an adult dog.
Dogs can also develop lactose intolerance just as we can.


Laddie and Charlie
Submitted by: Paul Schott

In 1987 I got a dog named Laddie. She was a beautiful
collie-shepherd cross. Laddie followed me everywhere I went
and often went to work with me. There is a nature area, near
where I live, and we went for walks there often, In 1991, we
were out for a walk there, and suddenly, Laddie put her ears
back and took off through the trees. I finally caught up
with her and found her sitting at the base of a large tree
looking up at the branches. A small grey, white and black
kitten was in the branches and he was really scared.

We coaxed the kitten down and he followed us to our car and
when I opened the door, he jumped in and made himself at
home. Over the next 10 years, Laddie and Charlie became
best friends. At least once a day Charlie would go up to
Laddie and lick her between the eyes, to show his love for
her - the dog that found him in the tree. I think that
Charlie had been abandoned there.

In 2001, Laddie, who was 14, had a number of serious
strokes and I ended up taking her to the vet and having her
put to sleep. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to
do, but if it was hard for me to do, imagine Charlie. Over
the next 5 or 6 months, Charlie hardly ate.

I have another dog now, named Buddy, and while he and
Charlie get along okay together, it is nothing like the bond
that Charlie shared with Laddie.

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