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Peppy Pets
Feb. 17, 03

Pro-Zack and Eli Grumbles, my 2 West Highland White Terriers
R. Blue Bingham

Pro-Zack has a history of Allergies and is 4 years old. I have
tried everything including shots and prednisone with no
avail. He was biting, chewing, licking, and scratching
himself until he had very little fur and bleeding sores.

I finally took him to a different Holistic Vet and now he
is eating Duck & Potato with no treats or other food. What a
difference. He is getting SO much better and it has only
been 1 1/2 weeks. The food costs mega bucks, but it is worth

Eli Grumbles however, can eat anything. I am so grateful for

Dogs can be allergic to all sorts of things and I was
prepared to eliminate all the things my baby was having
problems with. But the Vet said that the major allergens are
food and fleas.
Thank you,
Ms. Bingham proud owner of my West Highland White Terriers

Did you get hit with the big snow yesterday?

We got around 27 inches so far here in southwestern

Tippy & Alfred went out this morning and made it about
two feet before the snow stopped them. They'll be
spending the day inside in front of the fire, while Dave
is outside digging us out.

Good day for all of us to spend some time playing with
our precious furry ones, and brushing their coats.

Keep warm

Your friends,
Tippy & Alfred, the most famous editors of a pet newsletter on the net.


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Cocoa, AKA., Cocoa #2, AKA., Boo Boo
Debra A. Smith

In July of 2002, I had to put my precious girl, Cocoa to
sleep. She would have been 14 in December. After a two year
battle her kidneys finally gave out on her. Our Vet tried
"cleansing" her kidneys but she was to far into failure.

She had been with me since she was 6 weeks old. Cocoa was a
C./Springer spaniel. I named her Cocoa as she was black and
white...hence Cocoa. She loved to ride, hang out the window,
sleep on "daddy's pillow", whether he was using it or not
and loved bananas and apples.

In September of 2002, still grieving over my loss of her, I
went into a website that to this day, I don't know why. My
husband and I had gone to a NASCAR race in South Carolina.
When we returned home that night, he began preparing the
food we were to have for Labor Day the following day. So, I
got on my computer, planned on playing a few games, instead
went to the search field and typed in C. Spaniels. I clicked
on rescued Spaniels and it took me to a site which is now
called Annie's Rescued Friends, Inc. It was a center in
North Carolina that mainly rescues Spaniels.

It has pictures of the various spaniels they rescue and one
of those pictures caught my eye. Her name was Cocoa, she was
mix Springer/C. Spaniel and her color looked to be black &
white but she was actually dark liver & white. I called to
my husband to come and see what I had found and all he could
utter was wow ... she looked so much like my "child" that I
had loved so much and now missed even more.

This Cocoa was 1 year 9 months old. I sent an e-mail to
inquire about her. Three weeks later, Cocoa #2 was with us.
Yes, folks, I drove from the southern area of Georgia to go
get her. When I tell people about how I "found" her, they
all say wow, it was meant to be.

Cocoa #2, whom we have nicknamed Boo a joy. She too
loves to ride and hang out the window. She even sometimes
sleeps on her back with all four paws in the air, as Cocoa
#1 did, her favorite position. The lady who fostered her
until she was adopted said she never did that before. I
wonder .. is Cocoa #1 here also? I hope so and knows that I
will never forget her nor stop loving her.


Hi Dave,

I am the proud owner of two beautiful PUGS they bring me
such joy - My husband and I rescued one after our beloved
Rocky passed away - she came into our lives accidentally
soon after - on Rocky's birthday it was like a gift from him
to us - we adore our furry children - just wanted to say
your e-mail is so very helpful and informative - thank you

Just wanted to say I'm so sorry to Judy about losing her dog
Sandy. Oh my, that must have been horrible. I wonder where
she lived that had killer bees? I know this was an extremely
bad year for bees everywhere. But that's the first I've
heard of such an awful & fatal encounter.

My heart goes out to you, Judy, and I know somewhere Sandy
is watching over you. But I know your heart will grieve for
a long time, maybe forever.

I've never gotten over my dogs, and the first was 6 yrs.
ago. I have a best buddy now, who's 6, and I don't even want
to think of what the future holds. Don't know how I'll
survive it. Somehow we have to, I guess. My prayers &
thoughts to you, Judy, on your loss.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your stories about
animals, being an animal lover and owned by a dog and cat.

The stories are wonderful, some sad and some uplifting, but
always about these wonderful animals. I have an 11 year old
miniature schnauzer, named Angel (spoiled rotten) and a 15
year old cat, Baby (who is also spoiled).

Really enjoy and look forward to your ezine when it comes
out and read it thoroughly. Keep up the wonderful work you

Billye DeLong

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