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Mr. Chubby Checkers

plus dealing with

Mucous in Cats

Peppy Pets
Feb. 20, 03

The Saga of Mr. Chubby Checkers Rise to Fame
By: Carlotta Long

Mr. Chubby Checkers was born in Anacortes, Washington
and is a wonderfully charming, well loved golden tabby cat.

In his youth, Mr. Checkers was abused by a mean man who
used to kick him very hard on the side of his hips, until
my sister, Jeanne, found him and protected him. The mean
man stalked my sister and tried to burn down her home
with Chubby, her dog Agate and Fancy Feast, her bird,

My sister moved to live with me and on the trip, Mr. Checkers
jumped out of the car at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco,
California. Jeanne dropped her purse and ran after him,
screaming, "No Chubby, Come Back, Chubby, and finally
she found him sticking his head out of a shrub and purring
at her.

Now Chubby is a well-loved celebrity!

Chubby was in a radio advertisement and placed on three
FM Stations here for a pet supply store, it said, "Chubby
Checkers loves to shop here, and twists and shouts up
and down the aisles, the prices are so low, how low can you go!"

This began his fame.

Then Chubby lost one of his eyes from slamming his face into
the window trying to attack birds, so I took him to our famous
vet here, Dr. Laporte, and he saved Chubby by removing
his eye. Chubby is now on a poster in his office and the poster
reads: "Please call my Mistress Carol and let her tell you
how to save your cat's life. We are now both the Cat Crisis
Counselors for his office.

Mr. Checkers is also the cat security person for our sixty unit
complex, and he gets no pay. He sits at the window day and
night, and lets me know if strangers are approaching by doing a
very loud rolling purr and racing around my home like a
big freight train, and his nickname is "freight train Chubby"

He is also the complex Cat Mascot; and Rufus, a huge
Bulldog, is our Dog Mascot. Rufus wears a blue cape like

Chubby has had a wonderful life, coming from the cold
outdoors where he had no home, to being very very famous
in Poway, California.

Reprinted from the "Dogs, Cats, & More E-zine"
You can get a free subscription to their newsletter here:


Sniffing out the Mucous that Cat's sometimes get
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

Question: My cat has a lot of "snot." Is this normal and
what can I do about it?

Answer: Snot = mucous = protection for your cat so that
foreign things cannot enter the airway such as pollen, dust,
bacteria, virus.

An abundance of mucous can indicate:

1. Allergy - especially if it is more prevalent after being outside
2. Infection ( virus or bacteria, just like people)

We are not practicing medicine here but, we would like to
make the following suggestions, all of which you should discuss
with your veterinarian:

A. Feed your cat a premium food that does not contain hormones,
or steroids which put a further load on the immune system.

B. A food that contains mostly meat ingredients rather than cereals.

C. A food with friendly bacteria. Your cat's immune system
is also located in it's gut which must be kept healthy.

D. Vegetables with natural antioxidants and phytonutrients

E. A strong antioxidant for the immune system.

F. Giving your cat our Skin and Coat tablets.

Fish oil + other oils in special ratio have been shown to decrease
symptoms of allergies -- does not let the body react as badly.
Break off small amount until reach 1/2 tablet. If cat doesn't
want to take it, mix it with food. Within 3 weeks should see
an improvement.

Here's' the link to learn more about the Skin & Coat Formula
for dogs and cats:

Skin Problems...What's Normal & What's Not

Skin, Coat & Allergy Problems

What You Can Do About Skin/Coat Problems For Your Dog

Swiffer the Bichon: A True Angel
Carole Brown

Although my husband and I already owned two cats who had
adopted us about ten years earlier, about five years ago I
decided I would like a small dog. We checked the shelters
but the breed we wanted never became available.

Three years ago my husband suddenly said "I think we should
start to seriously look for the Bichon Frise you want so much". I
started a search on the internet of pets that needed homes,
but again, a Bichon never showed up. Then, unexpectedly, my
husband died while having an outpatient procedure at a
hospital just before Christmas three years ago.

Because of the sudden changes in my life, my time was
consumed in selling my husband's business, selling my house,
moving and all the things necessary to do when one is thrust
into widowhood without warning.

Than, two months ago, I was moved to check the classified
section of my local paper which I had not done since the
loss of my husband. The first item under the "pets" category
was for Bichon Fries puppies! I couldn't believe my eyes. I
called the kennel which was in another state and made
arrangements to go the next day to see the puppies.

Three beautiful white puppies were brought into the room for
me to check out. They were happy little fur balls, jumping
and playing with each other, but one in particular seemed to
gravitate to me and I picked her up and it was love at first
sight. She put her little paws around my neck and started
kissing me.

Needless to say, she is an angel and has helped to ease my
loss and her love is so genuine that I just marvel at it
every day. She hugs me with her paws when I hold her, is
lavish with her puppy kisses, and is a wonderful bed buddy
at night. She follows me from one room to another all day,
even if she is napping when I leave the room, I turn around
and she is right behind me. It is only conjecture, but I
feel certain that she is in my life because my husband knew
how much a wanted a dog and how much I miss him now that he
is gone. She fills what was a huge void in my life and I
will be forever grateful for the series of events that
resulted in us coming together and becoming inseparable.

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