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A Veterinarian's

answer to why Cats

Upchuck and Vomit

Peppy Pets
Jan. 08, 04

Why Do Cat's Regurgitate?

Does your cat throw up frequently?  Some may say that
it may be due to her generally nervous disposition, but
you really don't think so.

Does your cat seen fine otherwise, but once or twice a
week she eats her food and upchucks it all, hardly
digested at all. Then she goes off and maybe eats later,
but a few days later does it again. Should you be concerned?

To find out all the reasons why your cat may be up-chucking
go here:
All About Cat Vomiting

If your cat is vomiting green or orange liquid (bile), a medical
problem is likely and a trip to the vets is in order.


Letters From Our Readers Pets

Dear Tippy and Alfred:

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas
and new years....Matti, Maudie and Millie just
wanted to thank you for the wonderful
letters my mom reads to us.....I think that
mom thinks we understand your letters but
we fake it and let her meander on......

Santa didn't come to our house this year,
because mom says we have so many toys and
that we just don't need anymore.

I had to admit it, but she is right. We have a
big basket every toy that any cat could
want and the only thing we like to
play with is a little gray mouse not real.

Well you know our mom really spoils us.
Does your mom and dad spoil you?
We must run and get our catnap before mom
take us off to bed to sleep with her.....
We will write again to you soon. By happy
and loving to each other. LOVE YA


What a awesome site, always enjoy reading about the pets and
people and all the stories...I have a 9yr. old Shih Tzu named
Britches who is my best buddy...He is now pretty much completely
blind, but gets around really good, need a light at night when
he goes up and down steps.

He has been the best dog I have ever had, adopted him from
another couple about 6yrs ago, taught him very easily how to roll
over, shake hands, give you 5, and sit up, plus pray....I always
wonder how there are people who plain do not like animals.....
they give you so much love and are
always there for you.....Keep up the good work.....
Clauda Clark


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Cathy Ciravolo

Hi, My son found our dog 10 yrs ago, he took her home "Only
for the weekend" until we could find a home for her. Well,
you guessed it!! We found the best home for her, "OURS!!"
We also at the time had a mixed terrier "TeelaAnn" for 7
yrs. They didn't hit it off at first, but later became good
friends. They would always be together, the park, sleeping,
watching the house, etc. they soon became what my mom named
"The Golden Girls!" Sophia the little /old one. And Dorothy
the big./younger one.

However, as happy as this sounds my son who brought her
home, 2 yrs after, had a tragic accident leaving him
quadriplegic. Naturally I didn't need 2 dogs to take care of,
but I couldn't get rid of her, "we had already bonded". So
she became my shadow, since I could take care of her easier
than he could.

Then in 1999 on 12/20. just before X-Mas TeelaAnn left this
world for Doggie Heaven. Sasha was heart broken! I never knew
dogs got depressed or grieved. BUT THEY CERTAINLY DO!!! It
took a long time for her to realize TeelAnn isn't coming
back. She waited constantly by the door, she wouldn't respond
to anyone, and she rarely cared to eat. For a big dog. This
we found out was her way of grieving. I always would dress
them up for Halloween & X-mas. So Sasha has to carry
on the traditions alone. We try to keep her happy & healthy.
She has gone through broken cartilage surgery 2 yrs ago. She
now limps from Canine Arthritis.

And is sad again because 8 months ago "grandma passed away,
so Sasha has no Grandma to visit, or won;t be receiving
gifts from Grandma anymore. Once again, sadness strikes for
Sasha. I feel she has had a lot to deal with in her 10
years. But as I said, we try to keep her happy, and she
knows she is very, very loved! Thanks for listening

Mellow, Max and Roman

Dear reader

My story is about my beautiful Poodles Mellow, Max and
Roman. Mellow and Max are standard Poodles and Roman is a
miniature. I have nerve damage in my hands and feet and
through out my body. It causes me dizzy ness and a lot of
weariness as well.

My wonderful babies always seem to know when I am not
feeling well and need help. They will all stand near me and
let me lean on them. Roman will walk way ahead of me and
watch my steps. If I stop Roman will stop and Max and Mellow
stand close to me in case I fall.

Max loves the water and I have found that swimming is easier
when you have a dog with you to hold on to.

Mellow loves to gives hugs she presses her cheek up to me
and keeps it there until she is done hugging me.

Roman loves to clean everyone's face and feels it is his job
to do so. My babies are wonderful and if I had children
they couldn't be any better then my dogs are with me.

Thank you for reading my story.

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