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Peppy Pets
Jan. 06 /03

Hartz Flea Medicine is Toxic to long haired Cats

First of all, let me thank you for sending me the emails. I
love them. What I am writing about is about my cat Nicholas
who is now gone. He died September the 17th from toxic

I wasn't aware of flea medicine that you get over the
counter at the wal-marts or any other place that carries the
Hartz advance care. I put this on my cat in order to kill
the fleas that had gotten on him from a kitten that we took
into our household. He had gotten to sick before we realized
it. The vet told us that this Hartz flea medicine is toxic
to long haired cats.

My Nick was a beautiful Persian cat. On the package the only
thing it says it is toxic to is fish. Imagine that. I didn't
know fish had fleas. Please stress to your readers not to
buy this kind of product and to always get it from their
vet. I learned a valuable lesson. I miss my cat.

Thank You.
Anna Ruffin

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Carol Parrott

I have a Rottweiler and his name is Ruger. He is 4 yrs old
and like a child to me. I got him when he was 4 months old
and he was and still is a clown. He loves to be loved. And
when I've been gone for a while he makes me feel like he
thought I was never coming home. You can see the joy in his

We have big black rubber grain pans that we use to feed out
cattle out of and he likes to get one and shake it and bring
it to me to play tog of war. Sometimes he gets it upside
down in our drive way and he scoots it around with his nose
to try and turn it over, only to come up with a dirty nose.

When I'm sad he comes to me and lets me through my arms
around him and just cry. He is really a blessing in my
life. He is so gentle and sweet that it is hard to believe
that Rottweilers have the reputation that they do.

He is truly a joy and a gift to have in my life. P.S. He is
a bed hog also, to him the closer he can get beside you the
happier he is. Sometimes he's like velcro. Which makes him
that much more special. He is a sweet heart.


I named him "Hitch-Hiker!"
Hazel Heisler

I call this a MIRACLE! My neighbor, enroute to Ky, from Ohio,
was driving on a busy street in a nearby city. A small dog
ran in front of her car. She stopped, afraid she had hit it,
but it was standing on the passenger side. Opened the door
to get something, the dog jumped in.

Afraid it would be killed, she took it with her. When she
returned a week later it wasn't in the "Lost" column of the
paper. 4 days later, on my way to a doctor in that city, to
avoid traffic on the "square" I turned on a street I had
never been on. In the second block, I got the red light, in
front of the Catholic Church. I saw a yellow poster on the
pole! LOST Shih Tzu, recent surgery, (my neighbor had noticed
that), needs medication, Reward, etc. Area code of phone was
a city 150 miles away.

I tore the sign off and brought it to my neighbor. She
called the lady, who could hardly talk because she was
crying "tears of joy." She thought she'd never see her 13
year-old dog again. (She had stayed at a hotel several blocks
away, and was packing her car when the dog wandered off. She
came the next morning. What a happy reunion for both the
lady and the dog.

Now, don't you agree it was a MIRACLE for "Hitch-Hiker"?

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