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German Shepherd Dog

Peppy Pets
A Very Cold....January 27, 2003

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Hope You're Staying Warm

Hey fellow animal lovers, we got up this morning to a
Crisp minus 15 degrees here in Southwestern Pa.


We didn't stay outside too long this morning! T.C. Kitty
went out on the porch, made a Fast 90 degree turn and
then headed right back in!

Tippy was braver and even went as far as the barn with
Dave when he went out to check on the goats. Alfred
didn't keep his tail up in the air very long and only stayed
out a couple of minutes.

But the kitties and Tippy are now napping very warmly in
front of the fireplace, dreaming of warmer days.

Hope you enjoyed today's laugh.

Your furry friends,
Tippy & Alfred


Here's some neat stories to warm your heart up

Ester, the Stray Kitty, Chose Me

I was told that I should write to you about a story I had..

Well it all started out on Easter Sunday Morning....I woke
up to let my three dogs outside and there was this orange
female cat sitting outside the door. I have never seen this
cat here before but took her like she was my own. (for this
is how i got my other cat who I love so much. He showed up on
my deck and never left his name is Decker). Anyway to get on
with the story.

This orange cat ( which by now we have called Ester cause
she showed up Easter Morning) was around for weeks she was
very tiny and you could see her poor bones. So I kept
feeding her and feeding her till she was back to some good
health. Well come Mothers Day Morning I go to let my dogs
out again and there she was sitting by the door again
wanting food. Early in the AM. I am not quite awake yet and
I see something along side of her. To my surprise there was
a little kitten. She brought her kitten to me. Must of
thought I would take care of it. Which I did...

I got a box for her and her kitten and placed outside under
my deck table and put something over it so it would shade
her and keep them dry. I was tickled pink to have that
kitten. The next morning I wake up to find Mommy & kitten in
the box with two more kittens. Sometime in the night she
must of went and got the others.

I feel so blessed to know that that stray cat felt it in her
heart to choose me as her new owner. I still have the cat
and the kittens today.

Thank you for your time....I hope you enjoyed it.....
Yours...Amy Thibault

Bocephus My Black Lion

Thank you so much for the marvelous information I have
gathered from your newsletter. I also greatly enjoy the

I have a Chow Chow, Kane, who is now just 2 years old. My
first Chow was Bocephus (Bo.) He was the absolute love of
my life. I received him from my husband as a Mothers Day
gift in 1987- Bo was just 7 weeks old. I had him for 14 and
a half years. The last four years of his life he was blind
but no one knew that when we were out in the public. Bo
walked beside me on his leash as if he owned the world, and
to me he did. He was with me throughout my husband's renal
failure, kidney transplantation, ups and downs and then nine
years later when his Daddy died. Without Bocephus beside me
I would never have handled the difficult times. When I
cried silent tears late into the night he would crawl beside
me and wash my face with his "licorice" kisses.

On September 1, 2001 I had to let my beloved go. The vet
and staff were with me as I held him in my arms and sang his
little song I had made up for him the day I got him. He
brought life to me so many times, but I knew he could no
longer go on. He was only ill for a week and although it
was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, it was for
him, not me. I was only away from him a total of three
weeks in the entire time we were together and the longest
time was six days.

Bocephus was my black lion. Kane is my little black lamb.
Since I collect lions and lambs of the Peaceful kingdom God
has given me both my angels. Kane is a clown and a kissing
love; Bocephus was the regal king of the world. Kane is not
here to replace Bocephus, he is here to carry on the
tradition of love from my favorite breed.

Again, thank you for the wonderful newsletter and may God
continue to bless you all this next year, and on.

Dusti Campbell

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