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Peppy Pets
Jan. 29 / 04

A Dog Training Site You will Love!

Having a hard time getting your doggie trained? Or,
perhaps you're just seeking some really good information
on starting to train your dog.

Well, you've come to the right place.

Tippy has provided her readers with an entire section on
her web site about training dogs, and as a dog, who would
know better how dogs need trained.....

All of these dog training tips and hints are (actually
provided by experts in the dog training field) and are
available to you at no charge. We would appreciate it
if you like our site to use our tell a friend form on
that page to inform your friends about our site.

Just surf on over to our comprehensive dog training site
where you will find an easy to navigate list of the different
articles we have on dog training.

Dog Training Articles


My dog, JAWS would say: But Mom, I'm walking as fast
as I can, can't you just slow down!! 

Joan Sumser
PS: I've had brain surgery and she is the most wonderful
dog, it seems she knows when i need help.. She never leaves
my side... Lord, how I love this dog, JAWS...

My dog would tell me, "I want to go for a ride mom."

Lynn Mosley


Tipsy My One Very Special Dog

I have been an animal lover all my life (well, I'm 15!) I was
3 when I received my first pet- my beloved Tipsy. He's a
pure white Lhasa Apso and my grandmother gifted him to me as
a birthday gift. We practically grew up together and fought
like siblings.

They say Lhasa Apso's are one of the more ferocious breeds
despite their size, but my Tipsy was not ferocious at all.
In fact he was so friendly that he'd probably lick a burglar
to death. When my 3 month old cousin sister came to visit,
she sat with Tipsy and pulled his hair, tail and whiskers,
expecting him to respond. He let out a few delicate whines
but did not hurt her. Once, I placed a bone in front of him
and didn't ask him to eat it. I walked off expecting him to
have finished it in a few seconds. When i crossed him 20
minutes later, he was still sitting there with the bone in
front of him waiting for my signal. I felt so horrid about
him being tempted for so long. I just couldn't forgive

Well, about 5 years ago Tipsy was stolen from outside our
gate - it was one of the most irresponsible actions on my
part - I was 10 and I had left the gate open when leaving
for a party. That evening when I came home and learned that
he was not there, I cried my eyes out. He was my best friend
and always knew how to cheer me up when I was hurt. Of
course he never said anything, but he'd just come and place
himself at my feet when I was down. My parents and I
searched our whole area and offered a good reward for anyone
who found him. I had never been so upset my whole life and
even though I was so young, I could not explain that lost,
confused and empty feeling - I had lost someone very very
special to me.

My prayers were answered when I found him in my compound one
day with a young Indian girl. He was black and filthy - I
later learned that he had been given chloroform and an Arab
boy tried selling him to different pet shops. When he wasn't
getting a good price he left Tipsy near a trash can, where
this little girl saw him and picked him up. I could not
express the joy I felt when he ran towards me and jumped
into my arms.

He is now 12 years old, has 6 teeth left and is on the verge
of losing his eyesight. He's not been keeping too well and
so I'd like all the readers to please pray for him. I know
he's a strong dog and will get through, but it would really
mean a lot to me if you all could keep him in your prayers.

I've had chickens, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, fish, turtles and
many more pets. I now have 2 more dogs- a Pekingese and a
Labrador Retriever. Each pet has his/her special place in my
life, but none of them will be as special as Tipsy.

Shweta Wahi

Boozie Joins our Household

A wonderful story with a happy beginning and middle and a
sad but understanding ending.

Boozie was a abused kitten and even though my husband didn't
like cats our daughter cried until he gave in (old softie).

She joined our household just as I had rescued a puppy from
a parking lot and they soon became fast friends. They
played together and slept together until the end. Boozie was
a  tortoise shell with perfect markings and Missy was a
little black ball Shih Tzu. As the years went by they were
inseparable and of course wound us around their paws so to

One night Boozie kept jumping on our bed and down and back
up --I got up to check and smelled smoke, by then Missy was
barking frantically. We all got out as there was a
smoldering fire in our partitions.

Need I tell you more they were both spoiled from then on to
the extent that if you didn't like animals don't come see

Missy loved my husband and stayed by his side on his death
bed and then Missy died at age 16 and Boozie pined for her.
Then at age 21 Boozie passed away and my heart was broke for
the third time thinking never no more pets. But lo and
behold I found a tortoise shell cat with the exact markings
on her and she looks like my Boozie's twin TO THE AMAZEMENT
OF MY VET, except Boozie weighed 10 lbs and this one weighs
20. She plays fetch with a little ball and turns on my light
at 6:30 every morning and guess what my heart is alive
again and so much for NEVER.

Mickie Keller

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