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Arthritis in Dogs

& the Dangers of Hartz

Flea Medicine


Peppy Pets
July 23 03

How sad it is when you discover your dog is starting to have
struggles getting up, being stiff, having pain in the joints,
and loss of mobility.

Those are the classic symptoms of arthritis in dogs, and
also in cats and other animals.

Vets usually recommend such things as steroids or anti-
inflammatory drugs which while they often work, do carry
with them some serious risks which can be worse than
the arthritis. These risks do include diabetes, liver
diseases and pancreatic disease.

Consequin is often used but it is exceptionally high priced
and while it has glucosamine, it does not help to heal the
surrounding tissues and joints which are also inflamed.

So what's a dog owner to do?

We would like to offer a very interesting solution which is
very safe for your dog and which works in conjunction with
a healthy diet.

The product is called Agility.

Discover more on Agility Here

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on arthritis problems in dogs and cats:

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If You Use Hartz Flea Medicine....Read This

First of all, let me thank you for sending me the emails. I
love them. What I am writing about is about my cat Nicholas
who is now gone.

He died September the 17th from toxic poisoning. I wasn't
aware of flea medicine that you get over the counter at the
Wal-marts or any other place that carries the Hartz advance

I put this on my cat in order to kill the fleas that had
gotten on him from a kitten that we took into our household.
He had gotten to sick before we realized it. The vet told
us that this Hartz flea medicine is toxic to long haired

My Nick was a beautiful Persian cat. On the package the only
thing it says it is toxic to is fish. Imagine that. I didn't
know fish had fleas. Please stress to your readers not to
buy this kind of product and to always get it from their

I learned a valuable lesson. I miss my cat.

Thank You.
Anna Ruffin

Hartz Flea Medicine

In reply to Anna Ruffin on the use of Hartz flea medicine.
Please don't anybody use this product. It should be banned.
I used this on my beautiful cat Tipper. He was a short
haired cat, and after I used this product his hair on his
back fell out after a few days and I believe the use of
there product is the reason he is no longer with me. I do
intend to write the company. Use a good product recommended
from your vet.
Bonnie Lang

I'm so sorry to hear of the death of Ann Ruffin's precious
friend. I, too, have a long-haired cat that is mainly
Persian. I used the Hartz flea medication that she used. I
didn't think anything about it until I read this sad story.
For a few days she was throwing up. I couldn't figure out
why. Now I know. It was just right after I applied the Hartz
medication, starting about a day or two after application
and lasting for 3-4 days. I guess I am very lucky she did
not, too. How awful for Hartz to misrepresent this product!
A lot of people use Hartz products as a reliable supplier
for our precious friends. I hope they have been notified and
a new warning is placed on the product.

J. Wilkinson

Regarding Hartz Advance Flea Medicine for cats. I made the
mistake of getting some of their Hartz for dogs when I ran
short of Advantage from my vet. (I am assuming you are
referring to the type you put between the shoulder blades.)
For my Labrador Retriever it was ok but for my long haired terrier,
it made all his fur fall out exactly in the spot I had placed
it. He is fine now but I would also caution dog owners to
just not use it at all. I'm very sorry about your cat and
it's a shame this is still allowed on the market.

Respectfully, Starr Hillman

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