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Tooth and Gum

Disease In Dogs

Peppy Pets
March 08, 04

All About Dental Health For Your Dog

Once again it's time to take a review of dog's dental
and gum health. Having good teeth and good gums are
very important for your dog.

We have a very comprehensive list of articles on dental
health and gum health for your pet dog which we have
listed below. All of these are certainly free for you
to use and hopefully send on to your pet loving friends.

Please don't take your pet dog's dental health for granted!
Serious illnesses can occur if a dog has poor dental health.

Find out More by following these links:

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Canine Dental Care

Canine Dental Health Solutions

Dog and Cat Dental Health

Dog Toothpaste

Everything Dental For Your Dog

Give The Poor Doggy A Bone...Yes or No?

Healthy Teeth & Gums

Dog Dental Solutions

What To Do For Dog Bad Breath

What Causes Doggy Breath


Tooth and Gum Disease in Dogs
Dr.Jane Bicks Recommends

My Delicious and Nutritious Dental Treats are the ticket!

These Dental Treats for dogs are so Yummy...dogs won't
know they're So Good for them!

You may take a look at the Dental Treats online here:

Natural Dental Treats For Your Dog

Antioxidant Treats for Dogs



Your web site is great! It was an easy choice to select it
to receive the Practical Pet Care web award. Thank you very
much for letting us know about it.

Thanks also for being so patient. I know you sent this
request a while ago. We pick the winning sites and send
their awards on the first day of each month, so you had a
bit of a wait.

Your award is attached to this message. There are no
limitations to how and where you may display it. We would
appreciate a link back to Practical Pet Care, of course, but
the choice is entirely yours.

Thanks again, and please come back to visit soon.


I have a cat, rabbits and birds and fish. One of the rabbits
is my special, she does talk to me, in her way. She wants a
kiss on the nose when I go out to feed the whole lot of
them. 25 or so. She asks for her kiss by putting her head
out the door, If the kiss is not forthcoming she will take
her toy, a square dish and throw it out the open door.

She comforts me when I am sad. Her little head has been
covered with tears, but she just sits there and is soft and
loving. She has gone to a nursing home for visits. Everyone
loves her. 

The cat meets me at the door, she says feed me and thank
you. she is also a sharing kitty. She is 10 years old. she
shares with a stray cat. She eats half of her food then sits
back and waits for the stray to come and have some. She says
she loves me. Thank you for letting me tell you of my pets.
My canary sings and lets out little cheeps when he sees me.
He is also a good mimic. He can sound like a telephone and a
starling. God bless you and your pets. 


Dear Friends:
I could type and type and type to try to tell you what
my heart says about your news letter regarding all
your wonderful information. However, maybe
you can please just accept my heartfelt simple
"Thank you to you and your staff" for your wonderful
jobs well done.

Again,............."Thank You"
Joni Schneck

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