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Iditarod &

Weiner Dog Racing

Peppy Pets
March 19, 04

2004 Iditarod

Ellie Claus is the youngest musher ever to have ran the
Iditarod, which started only 12 days after her 18th birthday.

She had previously ran the Jr. Iditarod four times, finishing eighth,
fifth and eighth and in 2003, first. In 2000, she was the rookie
of the year and in 2002, she received both the sportsmanship
award and the humanitarian award.  She is a two-time champion of
the Jr. Yukon Quest.

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Weiner Dog Racing

Yes, you heard us right, Weiner dog racing! Racing
Dachshund dogs, really! It's true and it's tons of
fun for the Weiner dog owners and the dogs themselves.

Just imagine your dog racing down the track competing
against all the other dogs and lo and behold, your
Dachshund dog racer comes in first place for the
Blue Ribbon and champion dog racer.... Look out
NASCAR here you come.

Read the rest of the story online here:

Watch a video of Weiner Dog Racing on You Tube


Freeman, Morris, Promise, Mama and 5 new kittens

Folks find it hard to believe that my parrot is the queen of
my cats. I have kitty toys in one corner of my living room
and when the Freeman, Promise, Morris or Mama kitty go
anywhere them, Baby flies over there and wants to play. My
kitties 'know' what birds can do, so, of course they aren't
interested and move away.

Morris is a 7 yr old male who still kneads my arm to show
how much he loves me. Promise is his sister and she just
puts her nose in the air whenever I am paying attention to
one of the others. Morris is 6 yrs old and he was a stray
cats kitten who adopted me at 2 days old when his mama was
killed. After I fed him outside under my sisters home for a
couple of months, he decided to come into my yard through
the fence. He knew where the food was coming from! He didn't
even mind my dogs that I had at the time. He's such a lover!

And Mama, was also a stray! Such a beautiful, well cared-for
cat. No one claimed her when I advertised, so I kept her.
Now we have 5 additions, born on April 19th! They are sooo
cute that I want to keep them all!!! One is solid black, one
is white, but has grey tips on it's ears and tail. Two are
grey and one is totally brown tabby! And so soft and cuddly!
They are starting to play with each other. It so much fun to
watch them wrestle with each other!

I'm going to hate to find homes for them, but I'm sure that
Freeman, Morris, Promise and Baby will be glad when they're
gone! They all think they are the King or Queen of the
house, but Baby the pet parrot knows better!

From Ann in Illinois

(1) Chow Chow & (1) German Shepherd / Bull Mastiff mix
Pet Names: Jayde (Chow) & Santana (Mix)
Donna Douglas

My husband works nights and I get kind of paranoid once the
sun goes down and I'm alone, so 4 years ago we bought Jayde
for protection & companionship. She took over from day one.
Then this past summer we saw a sign in the front yard of a
house down the street with the words "FREE PUPPIES". I just
wanted to go and look and everything was going as planned
until I saw Santana...the rest as they say is history.

We had no idea as to his breed and were shocked when we
could actually see each day that he had grown since the day
before. Now at less than a year old he weighs 100 lbs. He
is also a complete mamas boy and still insists on sitting on
my lap. He also likes to hug me, he jumps up, puts his paws
on each of my shoulders and lays his head there and kisses
my neck. He doesn't understand that he's no longer that
little tiny puppy we brought home last August.

I love my dogs like they were my children, in fact to my
husband and I they are our children, and we treat them
better than a lot of people treat their human children. I
could go on and on about my babies but I won't do that to
you. :)

Anyone who has never experienced the unconditional love of a
dog has missed out on one of the greatest gifts God has
given man.

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