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Tigger, Sweetiebird,

Hershey, Abby &

Molly tell their stories

Peppy Pets
March 07, 03


I have a tabby cat named Tigger. Tigger is my best friend
and just like my child. He is spoiled rotten and thinks he is human.

Tigger is not like normal cats; I have taught Tigger to
do many things like drinking out of the kitchen water faucet,
catching a ball with his paws, bringing stuff to me in his mouth.

I am in a wheelchair and Tigger is a big help to me doing
many things that I have to do. He guards me just like anyone's
guard dog would if it had not been for Tigger and his love and
companionship I would be lost.

He is just like my child and I treat him just as I would a
child. Wherever I go Tigger goes too and he sleeps with me
at night and is with me wherever I go in the house and watches me
like a hawk.

It is remarkable of how attached we get to our pets and how
they get attached to us I know if I had to live without my Tigger
I wouldn't be the same person.

Sent in by mom, Donna

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Sweetiebird & Hershey
Cindy Nimmich

I have a very special African Grey Parrot named Sweetiebird.
She came to me from people who did not spend time with her
and she had plucked all her feathers out of her chest. But
what makes her so special is that she has no feet. Her mom
chewed them off when she was born. But if you think that
stops her, well think again. She is into everything! But it
is sad to watch her try to play with her toys and trying to
get her feet to hold on. And she sleeps upside down with her

I am now happy to say that her feathers are coming back in
beautifully and she has a very extensive vocabulary. She has
run of the house during the day and at night we play on the
bed. One of her favorite toys is bottle caps from soft
drinks. She loves to throw them on the floor and watch me
pick them up! She also lets me know when we are playing that
she is thirsty. She has a measuring spoon and will give it
to me to put water in.

I also have a 11 year old Poodle named Hershey and of course
she is jealous of Sweetiebird. And Sweetiebird is also
jealous of Hershey!! Too funny watching them. While watching
TV I have Hershey under my right arm and Sweetiebird on my
left knee. Makes it real hard to get up!!

But I love all my animals. I also have a 4 year old
parakeet and a year old hamster. Sometimes I feel like I
live in a zoo, but I love it!! But I have to say that
Sweetiebird has stolen my heart. She is now a well adjusted
bird but still have to teach her not to bite!!

Abby and Molly
Katie Evans

I'm here today to tell you about the two most wonderful
creatures that have been put on this earth. Although they
are no longer alive, there memory still remains in my life.
They were the greatest pets anyone could ever have.

Molly and Abby died not too long ago of lung cancer and
heart failure. I'll never forget the morning the vet called
and said that Abby had to be put to sleep, and then a week
later we heard the same thing again only this time it was
with molly. I thought to myself, what did they do to deserve
this? I guess I will never know.

They were very loyal and loved everybody. If you walked
into the house they would great anyone with wet kisses until
you dropped to the ground. They new a lot of tricks, and
were very good. They never bit anyone, and they loved walks.

I guess sending this story in makes me feel a little bit
better because I was able to tell my story on how great they
were. Now we own another dog and her name is Milly. She is
very funny and outgoing. I do know however, that she can
never replace the memory of Abby and Molly.

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