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Angels that come

to us in human form

to help our pets

Peppy Pets
May 13, 04

Modern Day Angels

Do you believe that God sends special people to this
earth with a mission...... a mission to do something very
special and worthwhile?

If so, and you happen to believe that God sent someone
to care for our furry friends, then please take a few minutes
and read this story about someone very special that we
feel is a modern day angel.


I know our pets come back to us as guardian angels.
I lost my Chow Chow I had for ten years, and
she is always bringing new babies to me that need help. You
see she was always taking care of other kinds of animals.
She had a kind heart and she does not want me to be alone.


I do believe that our favorite pets come back to us as
angels because I had a Maltese dog for almost ten years of
my life since 1992, and well in April 10, 2001 he passed
away, I still miss him, but I can feel, heard, and even
dream with him. The night he died, I had a dream where he
was showing me that he would always be here for me. Since
his death I still remember him, and cry at night, and when I
really feel bad I can feel him kissing my hand and telling
me that everything will be okay.



Yes, I believe that my Cat, Gizmo and my Rottweiler, Chelsa
are my Guardian Angels and that they watch over me always,
just as they did while they were alive. Now they are happy
and healthy over Rainbow Bridge.

Lisa Lucas 


Pets definitely do not come back as angels. They are
physical creations and only have a temporary physical
animal spirit. Once dead - dead forever!


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