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Brutus the Blind

Dog that has a

seeing eye person

Peppy Pets
Nov.13, 03

This Blind Dog is just Full of Love

After my husband passed away 6 years ago, Brutus filled
the gap in my life - we were inseparable.

He loves riding in the car and especially camping with
me. In June of this year, Brutus was diagnosed with diabetes.
I was devastated, but told the vet I would do what ever was
necessary to make him happy.

Finally, after 4 months, I got his insulin regulated.  He seems to
know that I am trying to help him, because he doesn't flinch
at all when I give him his shot in the morning and at night.
Two weeks ago, I noticed that he was bumping into things.
The vet said he had lost his eyesight due to the diabetes.

In the house, he is very comfortable, but outdoors, when I
walk him, he becomes very disoriented.  The vet said that animals
adjust to blindness better than their owners, so right now, I am
his eyes. I can't put him down because of this, because he is
so loving and affectionate and basically very healthy.

Brutus is now 10 years old and I feel, with my help, he will live
a happy and healthy life.  I now have a dog with a seeing
eye person!
Sent in by: Bette Obrien


Yes Yes Yes

I have had a dog my grandfather kept, Myra, on the farm,
that I used to be close to. We had to live there from the
time I was 10-20 and Myra was my friend. When I left she had
died. Since then. I had made friends with lots of animals,
cats, dogs, gerbils, as for friends I animal and house sit
while they were away.

It was about 9-10 years later, while I was driving home in
the dark from work on an unknown road going to a house to
help out a friend by pet sitting, that I saw her, heard her
bark, in my rear view mirror... Needless to say I was so
shocked I pulled over to the side of the road, backed up to
where I thought I saw her and NOTHING... Thinking I was too
tired and my mind was playing tricks I was ready to turn
back onto the road when I heard her special bark. 

She was a mixed breed middle size dog... some Terrier and
she had a most unusual bark starting high like a toy terrier
ending in a low growl like a bigger dog. Now I was
spooked... all of a sudden I heard a loud boom and deciding
I better just take another way instead of continuing, I did

The next day I heard on the radio that a person who was
drunk hit a tree coming home. The person was ok, but the
news anchor stated that the officers investigating the
accident said that he claimed he saw a terrier mixed dog
coming toward him and veered off. ....I realized if I
continued driving he would have hit me instead of the

After that I realized I do have a lots of angels as I met
lots of animals... They have all helped me out when they
have walked over, but this was the most memorable one I have
kept in my heart.

My 4 Cats: Midnight, Friskie, BaybeeBoo, & Bella
Christina L. Smith

Midnight is a Domestic Long hair black cat. He is 15 years
old. He is very smart, He once told us that the gas was on
when there was no flame on the burner. He knows how to open
doors, if not locked. He can also turn on the television.
Midnight loves French fries. Friskie is like 8 or 9 years
old. He was my mom's cat. He is a Lynx point lilac Siamese.
He loves to eat vegetables. He will bite when ever you point
near him. Does not like kids.

BaybeeBoo is Midnight's twin looks just like him Black and
fluffy, not quite as smart as Midnight yet. He's only 6
months old. BaybeeBoo doesn't like people food too much.
He'll eat very little chicken. He loves to sit in the
bathroom sink and let the water flow on his tail and lick it

Bella is only 2 months old. I've had her since she was 3
weeks old. She is also Black and she is semi fluffy. Her
personality is just like Midnight very smart and always
wants to be near me. She loves to eat pizza, eggs, butter,
anything. It's so much fun to watch them all.


I believe if a pet was loved and well taking care of they
return to you after they pass away. When I was in high
school my brother had to put his dog to sleep. Friskie was
19 and had tumors, she was also blind and deaf and was
having seizures. She was his baby and everyone spoiled her
rotten. Friskie was a mix of Poodle and Miniature Schnauzer.

My brother had her buried in a casket at a pet cemetery and
she has her own grave stone. The night after she was buried
we had ham for dinner. Friskie always got some ham and the
bone. Well during dinner the ham fell off the counter and
rolled over to where Friskie always sat to eat her ham and
bone. I am not kidding you on this because all four of us
seen it happen. There was no reason that ham should have
fallen off the counter or rolled across the floor like it
did. The first thing out of my grandma's mouth was Friskies

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