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Peppy Pets
Oct. 08, 03

Does Your Dog Tip the Scales a Bit on the Heavy Side?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is about
dogs being overweight, how it can be prevented and how
dogs can lose weight.

As you know, many serious problems can result
from dogs carrying too much weight around.
We've got three really good reports on this subject here:

Weight Problems in Pets

Help, My Dog's Overweight

What To Do About Overweight Dogs

Our Canine Zone, works really, really well in getting
rid of those excess pounds, and it doesn't compromise
nutrition to the dogs like most other weight loss foods do.
You can read more about the Canine Zone food at those
pages above.

Here's Jack cooling off in the heat of the day

Billy loves to sing Old MacDonald had a Farm
Renae Macalpine

Billy is the sweetest little doggie you've ever seen. He's
white and fluffy with gorgeous eyes. He's a Maltese Terrier.

He's not just all good looks though, he is also very
talented. He can walk on his legs for soooooooooo long (I
think he should be in a circus). He also sings to quite a
few songs including- "how much is that doggy in the window",
"Old MacDonald had a farm" and "The three of us" (a guitar
piece by Ben Harper).

He is so caring and loveable. At night when he cries at my
door to come in I can't resist letting him in so he can
cuddle up to me, although mum doesn't like me to do that. He
even puts up with my little brother and sister annoying him
by pulling his hair and tail and trying to carry him around
the house.

He's also a very popular dog, he has heaps of friends on the
street and he loves hanging out with his mates. He does do
a lot of doggy things to though, like chews up toys,
shoes, socks and the one that I hate, my slippers. When he
does something good we always reward him with some dog
treats called "Shmackos" when ever you say the word though
he gets all excited.

He can be really annoying though when we say "lets go" he
knows that we are going out so he goes down stairs and waits
at the car for us. He's a fun dog, he puts up with a lot and
is quite obedient. We all love Billy and i know that he loves
us. It's great having him around. I love my Billy.


Yes, I do believe our pets not only come back to us but, do
in fact come back as angels. Seven years ago my old boy, an
abused rescue Doberman, went to the bridge to wait for me.
The only kisses the old boy ever gave was to kiss my feet,
go figure. Anyway, since my Apollo has left there has been
times when I felt his kisses on my feet. BTW, none of my
current dobes will lick my feet, thank goodness. On several
occasions I have felt his kisses on my feet and stopped to
say "Thank you." And then realized that if I had not stopped
in my tracks at that time I would have been injured. Ex: I
was walking in my back yard when I felt some kisses and
stopped to enjoy, when I looked back around me I realized I
had a snake just 2 feet in front of me. So, yes, they are
our angels.

Naomi Salvatore

Yes. I believe that all my little buddies over the years
have a way of reaching out, beyond time and location, for us
to keep a reminder of their past and present presence.

Maybe it's that we keep them in our hearts and memories too
- but I believe in a power greater than myself and that
power has ministers to watch over us. Being an animal lover,
I have faith that my guardians walk on all fours. And I'm

Thanks for reading.
Barbara Gould

I believe that our pets are the way our Lord shows us his
ability to love us un conditionally. They are a loving part
of His creation. They will definitely be there in heaven
waiting for us.
Kathy Patterson

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