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Peppy Pets
Oct. 28, 04

Halloween is soon and you need to keep your pet Safe
By: Tippy & Alfred

It's notorious, some idiot goes out on Halloween and
kills or mangles some poor defenseless cat that was
the pride and joy of their pet parent.

Black cats and Superstitions have a special significance,
and you can read more about them by clicking on
the link above.

We have one word of short advice for pet owners on
this holiday: Know Where Your Pet is at All Times.
Try to keep your pets in the house, or if they
are outside pets, then try storing them in the garage
or shed outside, at least for this one night.

You would feel terrible if something happened to your
pet on Halloween and you could have done something
to prevent it.

But it's also a lot of fun to dress our pets up in
goofy pet Halloween costumes. If your going to do that,
first load up the camera and take lot's of pictures
to send in to us so we can publish them on out web site.
Woof Woof ..... Tippy loves to see pictures of some
canine male studs.

Be careful that costumes for pets aren't too tight.

Try putting pet costumes on weeks in advance so your pet
can get used to wearing them.

Some dogs are used to wearing sweaters and such, but
a good many dogs and cats aren't and will simply try
to tear the clothing off them. You don't want them
being injured if this happens.

Sylvester says: "Can this really be happening to me???"

After putting on the pet costume, watch your pet for
the first couple of hours.

And, if you have trick or treaters coming to your house
and the pet isn't used to having strangers around, then
put the pet in a separate room. Another good idea is
to make sure your pet is wearing an identification tag,
just in case they would escape the house or yard.

Remember also that candy and chocolates and high
sugary foods are not at all recommended for dogs and
cats to eat.

(see our article on feeding table scraps in our
Nov 27-03 issue of our newsletter)

Instead of giving your pet candy, give them some
delicious treats instead.

(see our recommendation for Dog and Cat Treats)

NOTE: If your dog or cat has eaten chocolate, then
call the vet ASAP!

Starr: all dressed up and everywhere to go

I love your column! I tell my dog and cat "I Love You" all
the time! I hug and kiss them; talk to them; lay down with
them (or they with me) on the bed and use my dog as a "big

My dog's name is Junior (he's a black Labrador Retriever who
will be 7 on 10/25/04); and our cat's name is Lucy and she
is also black. 

Funny thing about both of them; the cat adopted us humans
(she belonged to my next door neighbor). She would come out
of my neighbor's house at 6:30 a.m. in the morning. My
neighbor was going to work and did not see her come out each
morning. This went on for about a month. Each day when I
got home we made sure she was well fed and cared for and
sent her on her way home.

We had lost a cat to someone who was trapping animals and
never saw her again. Lucy, we found out from our neighbor,
didn't get along with her dog and cat. Naturally, I was
reluctant to bring a dog into the house.

Well, our son wanted a black lab for his confirmation. We
went into "Animal Kingdom" and looked at 2 labs. I didn't
want to get an older puppy because I knew puppies grew large
fast and really wanted an 8 week old pup. The reason for
this was because of our cat. I thought a small pup her size
she could get used to without any problem. 

Anyway, the store did not have any smaller labs and we
almost walked out of the place. Well, this black
Labrador Retriever (whose name is Junior) walked over to my
young son, turned around, put his head sideways on my son's lap
and looked up at him as if to say "Please take me home?"
Well, we did.

Both animals to this day get along with no problem and love
each other. They lay down side by side and look out the
window (I have pictures somewhere). 

Needless to say, Lucy holds her own against Junior (who is
quite large) and has put him in his place numerous times
(especially when we brought him home). Lucy is now going to
be 13 in January of 2005.

Keep up the good work!
JoAnn Mount

Kiki's ready for St. Patrick's Day

Yes I for one tell my dog that I love her more than once a
day. Dolly is 4 years and 10 months old. She is a
Pomeranian. She is my best friend and companion. I call her
my baby girl. She will give me a kiss when I ask for one and
is always near me. I would be lost with out her.



Yes I do tell my kitties I love them. Have 2 indoor and
2 (formerly) feral cats. Willie is a big strapping orange tabby
(almost 17 lbs) Caitlin is a somewhat tubby tortie-11 1/2
lbs. Baby Girl is solid gray -1 1/2 yrs and her 1/2 bro'
from previous litter, about 2 "Crusher"-he's a skinny black
with a couple of white hairs on his neck and the only one I
haven't got fixed-BUT there's been no sign of eligible
females so there's been no litters in the past year and a
half. I spoil 'em all rotten give 'em treats, hugs and
cuddles. Hey- they're just small 'purrsons'!

Debbie Zwirtz 

Spunky on the 4th of July

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