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Peppy Pets
Sept. 16, 04

Where to Find the Purr-Fect Pet Gift on the Internet

Tippy & Alfred have been working really, really hard to
provide you with a place where you can find quality pet related
gifts.....and a place online where you can trust that you won't
be ripped off or taken advantage of.

We've selected only top of the line merchants to represent
so that you won't have to worry about the quality you
are getting.

So please take a few minutes and check out all the pet
related gifts that are available.

Also, if you would like us to carry a specific product that
you don't see, please email us and let us know what your
thoughts are.

Woofs and Purrs
Tippy & Alfred

Pet Gift Shop Online Here


Top Ten Dog and Cat Movies:

The Love Pug
The Gr-r-eat Gatsby
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kit
Cur-age of Lassie
Heel-o Dolly
Fangenstein Cur-eature from the Black Lagoon
The Pet and the Pendulum
The Invisible Manx
The French Poodle Connection


Cats in Movies

Did you know that Tippy & Alfred have several really cool
web pages that feature cats that have been in movies and
on television.

Also, several web pages that have pictures and short bios
of famous cats.

Check them out by going to our cat care page, then scrolling
down to the Famous Cats section
Famous Cats Online Here


I do tell all of my dogs "I love you." I have three and I
like to give them each a bit of individual time each day. So
they get belly rubs and I love you (s), from me during this
time. Also when I have to leave the house I tell them all
"mommy loves you."

Cyndi Harper


Be Aware of Artificial Sweeteners: Xylitol & Pets

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center cautions animal
owners that xylitol, a sweetener found in certain sugar-free
chewing gums, candies and other products can potentially
cause serious and even life-threatening problems for pets.

Instead of candy for treats, why not give your pet a Healthy
treat that will be of benefit to them?

Healthy Natural Dog Treats

Healthy Natural Cat Treats


We raise Labrador Retrievers and German Shorthaired Pointers.
We tell each of them every day that we love them
and how special they are and how much they mean to us. They
are cuddled from the time they are born and we socialize
them with others who also tell them how much they are loved.
It is as important to their development as it is to human
babies to be touched, cuddled and loved.

Terese Purner-Kime
Valley House


I always tell Patches, Marbles and Savanna that I love
them. All three cats (my girls) are very vocal, and
they talk a lot. Patches will have a "conversation"
with you, Marbles when called will respond with a
"mrrr" and the tone changes depending on how she is
feeling. If you have disturbed her the "mrrr" sounds
like "mom, I was sleeping/eating/cleaning and you
interrupted me!!!!!" Savanna screeches if she feels
she's not getting attention, and is starting to
"converse" like Patches does. They're my
gotta let the kids know you love them, fur covered or otherwise!

Daun Cloos

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