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Peppy Pets
Sept. 29, 04

Why cat's stare and all other cat behavior problems.

Your feline friend Alfred wants all the cat owners
to know that he has one of the best cat sites on
the web that cover cat behavior problems.

There's over 50 different articles on Aflred's cat
site that covers everything from litter box training
to why cats meow, stare and act out and play and all about training
cats to behavior problems in cats that drive cat
owners bonkers.

Why is your cat the way he is? Do you know why
your cat meows, or why he switches his tail in a certain way?

Well now you can find out the answer to this and
all your cat questions about why Tabby acts the
way he or she does.

Plus there's a very comprehensive article base
written on just about every cat health question you
might ever want to know about.

Plus there's a lot of kitty cat fun stuff about
famous cats and other interesting cat scratchings.

Check them all out on our Cat Care Site.

All of it is free to charge, but only to caring cat
parents, and of course free for all felines who
are on the web.

Have your cat write Alfred with any questions they
might have about how to train their owners, or just
to tell him a neat story about their lives.

We love to hear from our readers.


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I take my two dogs, a Bichipoo and a Maltese on vacation
each and every time I go. This summer it's been a trip to
Cincinnati(1900 miles), and also a trip to the Bay Area(750
miles). We drove both times, and our furry little passengers
were perfect traveling companions. They also behaved like
little gentlemen at the hotels that we stayed at. I wish
though that there were more hotels in the moderate price
range that took pets. I have found that Homewood Suites
(Hilton) are the most accommodating for the least amount of
extra charges. I would never hesitate to take these little
guys anywhere. It's much better than having to worry about
the care that they're receiving in some kennel or doggie


Charlie, my black American Spaniel, goes with me so long as
I can take the precautions necessary for his safety. I
cringe when I see animals inside a car in summer with the
windows down a "crack". If Charlie does have to remain in
the car, the windows are open enough so he can't jump out,
but wide enough all around for air flow, the car must be in
the shade, and I am never gone more than a couple minutes.
Cars heat up fast.
Don Mottl


My Rottweiler loves camping! I took him to Bishop, CA a few
years ago, and he had a great time. As we set up camp, he
entertained himself by chewing quietly on a stick. I never
thought he would be eating wood chips. I never would have
known that he did EAT wood until he TRIED to go #2 (poop),
and had a REALLY hard time. A few minutes later, out pops
wood chips, and nothing else!

A word to all my fellow dog keepers,
that he wasn't internally injured.

Best Regards,

PS- Motel 6 extends a friendly paw to all with dogs........
dogs are welcome in all of their motels, as long as you do
not leave them unattended.

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