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Friendly, Intelligent

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the Snowshoe Cat

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Snowshoe Cats
By: Alfred

The Snowshoe Cat breed (sometimes known as Silver Laces) was
created in the 1060's in the United States. This was
accomplished by the deliberate crossing of Siamese cats that
had been born with white feet with bi-colored American
Shorthair cats by Dorothy Hinds Daugherty, Kensing Cattery,
Philadelphia, PA. The result was a cat built like the
American Shorthair and wearing a coat with color points like
the Siamese, except that the face, chest, feet and sometimes
the stomach also have white markings. The eyes in purebreds
must be blue.

Occasional Snowshoes have crossed eyes or kinked tails in a
tribute to their Siamese ancestors. The Snowshoe breed is
still being refined, and may be out crossed by breeders to
American Shorthairs, Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese without

In body the Snowshoe cat is sturdy but not cobby, and medium
to large sized. Its face usually has a white inverted V that
begins at the forehead and spreads down across the muzzle
and ideally a thin line of white that runs down from the
chin to the chest. The four feet are white. The typical
white "boots" are the origin of the breed's name.

The short fur is even-colored, shading from almost black or
dark chocolate brown to the point colors, which may be
sealpoint, chocolate, lynx, fawn, cinnamon, red, cream,
lilac or blue, and patterned in either bi-color or mitted.

Snowshoe kittens are born white and develop their colors by
the time they are three weeks old. Every Snowshoe cat is an
original with its own distinctive markings.

Snowshoe cats are very social and require more attention
than most cats, like their ancestors the Siamese. But in
temperament they are usually friendly, playful and very
intelligent. They are talkative like the Siamese, but their
voices are usually soft.

The American Cat Association was the first to recognize the
Snowshoe as a breed. Still considered a rare breed, the
Snowshoe is now recognized by the American Association of
Cat Enthusiasts, the American Cat Fanciers Association, the
Cat Fanciers Federation and The International Cat

If you want a beautiful and unusual cat that will bond to
you and follow you around the house, talking to you about
your daily activities and sit in your lap, and yet be
friendly to visitors and children, the Snowshoe is the cat
for you.

Snowshoe Cat

Here's what I would do for feeding the Snowshoe Cat
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Snowshoe Cat breed is not quite as large as a Maine
, but it has the same basic temperament,
sociability, fortitude and nutritional needs.

My advice for keeping a Snowshoe in keen shape is
to feed it a high biological value protein nutritionally
balanced premium cat food three to four times daily (no
free feeding).

If you are using a supermarket label cat food, add a
well rounded supplement with vitamins, minerals, amino
acids and fats. This will supply correctly proportioned
amounts of energy, keeping the cat muscular and active.

A regular, weekly combing should be enough to keep
their coats tangle free, but you may want to add
brewers yeast or torula yeast for that "extra"
hair conditioning, and don't forget hair ball  treatments!

Here's the Ultimate Food I would give my Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cats need this for Hairballs

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