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Please tell me about Sealpoint Coloring in Cats?

Sealpoint is a marking that occurs in cats, particular any
cat that has Siamese in its background. The Sealpoint refers
to the point mark that has darker coloring on the ears, tail
and face. Sometimes the markings also occur on the legs of
the cat and this is generally accepted within the point

The Seal in the Sealpoint refers to the color of the point
markings and it should be a deep seal brown. As opposed to
the markings, the rest of the body should be a white to
cream. There are many different breeds in which the
sealpoint markings may occur.

These breeds include:
- Siamese
- Persian Himalayan
- Ragdoll
- Balinese
- Birman
- Tonkinese
- And other rarer breeds

The sealpoint is a very popular color that many people like
a lot. It is most commonly seen in the Siamese and is
usually preferred when it comes to that particular breed.

It is very important that a true sealpoint have even shading
and no awkward splotches of color anywhere except in the
assigned places of face mask, tail, ears and front quarters.
The male sealpoint may also have color on the privates.

A sealpoint pattern happens when there is a form of partial
albinism in the cat's genetics. This results in a mutation
in tyrosinase, an enzyme that is involved in melanin
production. The enzyme that has been mutated is sensitive to
heat and doesn't darken at normal body temperatures, but it
becomes active in cooler areas of the body and causes the
darker coloring.

The coolest parts of a cat's body are the sinuses, ears,
paws and tail. Cats that will develop points are usually
born white and after a time they will develop the points. By
the time the kitten is a month old points should be visible
enough that one can tell the color of the points.

The older the cat gets, usually the deeper the color of the
points. A cat with seal points that is in warmer climates
may not develop as deep a coloring as one in colder climes.

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