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Gentle and Conservative

but the Tiffany

needs Daily Grooming

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The Striking Tiffany Cat Breed

The Tiffany, also known as the Chantilly, has a full semi-
long coat with a semi-foreign body style. The coat of this
cat is soft, smooth and silky. It lacks the undercoat that a
lot of cats have, this makes them easier to groom.

This breed is slow to mature and will not reach its full
height and weight until it is two years old. With age the
eye color of the cat intensifies. The head should be a
modified wedge that is broad rather than tall with gentle
curves. The snout should be medium length. The muzzle should
be broad, short, strong and softly squared without obvious
whisker pads.

The original color of the Tiffany breed was chocolate, but
now the Tiffany comes in a range of colors including blue,
chocolate, cinnamon, fawn and lilac. The patterns accepted
for show are mackerel, solid, spotted tabby and ticked. The
color should be rich, sometimes with shading on the
underside of the cat.

According to the standard, the overall impression of this
cat is that it has a striking appearance the results from
its semi-long coat that has a rich full color. The plumed
tail, ear furnishings and neck ruff provide contrast and

The Tiffany breed, from its start in 1967 in the United
States, has always bred true. Burmese cats have never been
used as part of the breed line. It has been revealed by
further research that Foreign

Longhairs like Angoras were used by English breeders along
with Abyssinians and Havana Browns in order to make a cat
similar to the Angora. The Tiffany/Chantilly is believed to
be the product of their efforts.

Because it is semi-longhaired the Chantilly/Tiffany requires
less upkeep than truly longhaired cats of different breeds
like the Persian. The coat of the Tiffany is silky to the
touch, smooth, soft and resists matting. The lack of an
undercoat makes grooming easier and reduces shedding.

Your Tiffany will require grooming once a week. The coat
should be combed out once a week and the ears should be
checked as well because the long ear streamers may cause ear
wax build up. So during the weekly grooming the ears should
be wiped with a damp cloth to remove excess wax.

Research shows that Tiffany Cats need particular Nutrients
in their Diets

Dr. Bicks

The Tiffany cat breed is a longhaired version of a Burmese.
Tiffany's communicate their pleasure with a chirp that sounds
somewhat like a coo.

The Tiffany cat's nutritional requirements are the same,
as the Birman though the Tiffany cat requires more grooming
and should get hair ball medication between meals once or
twice a week.

Vegetable enzymes will help ensure a good looking coat

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