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Got a New Dog? Read This!

Our pets quickly become members of our family just like with
all the other members of your family your dog needs care and
attention to thrive. There are many things you must do to
properly care for your new dog.

The first thing you should consider is good nutrition. There
is a lot of junk in the dog food market. Do your due
diligence research and find out what foods you should be
feeding your dog for optimal health.

Another consideration is medical care. You should pick a vet
before you need one. If you don't already have a
veterinarian for other pets, ask people you trust for
recommendations, and if possible meet with the vet before
you are ready to bring your dog home, and then take it for a
checkup as soon as possible after you have acquired it.

Always keep your dog up to date on the immunizations
recommended by your vet and get yearly checks ups to ensure
that it is healthy. Also, if your dog needs ongoing
medicines such as heart worm prevention, make sure to get
them on schedule or you could end up with unintended
consequences. A few of the diseases dogs can get are
terrible and sometimes fatal.

You also need to consider what type of grooming your pet
will need. Different breeds have different grooming needs,
from the simple occasional wipe down and claw trim that is
all that is usually needed by breeds like Greyhounds or
Weimaraners to the daily brushes, weekly baths and regular
sessions with a professional groomer needed by breeds like
the Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier. So be familiar with what
is recommended for your breed of dog. You will also have to
decide if you will do these things yourself or find a
service to do it for you, and buy the necessarily supplies
if you will do it yourself.

Safety should be a primary concern too. If you will be
letting your dog out in your yard unleashed, make sure that
the yard is completely secured by a fence and there are no
ways for your dog to escape. If your dog will not be in a
fenced-in area you should always have it on a leash to keep
it out of harm's way.

Keeping up with properly caring for your dog can be a good
bonding time with your new best friend but still a lot of
work. You will start to get into a routine though, and going
through your dog's daily activities will become second
nature to you. If you have children, getting them to take on
some of the responsibilities can help as well. Just be sure
they know what to do and they can do it independently
without harming themselves or your pet.

If you are unsure about what type of care your dog needs,
you should speak to your vet. They are the best equipped to
answer questions on what your particular dog needs and at
what stage of its life it needs what.

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