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The Amertoy - Toy Fox Terrier Cross
By: Tippy

The Toy Fox Terrier was developed in the United States in
the 1930's. They are direct descendants of the Smooth Fox
Terrier, whose breed standard goes back to 1876. The
miniature version was created through careful breeding.

They were crossed with the Chihuahua, English Toy Terrier
and Italian Greyhound in order to refine the dog's features.
This breed has a calm disposition for a terrier. They were
first used to hunt rats. Toy Fox Terriers breeders are
currently seeking AKC recognition.

The eyes of a Toy Fox Terrier are dark and round. The ears
are erect and v-shaped. They have domed skulls and a
definite stop to a small narrow muzzle.

The Toy Fox Terrier is also called the American Toy Terrier
or Amertoy. The tail is carried high and docked short. The
hair is short and thick and the coat can be white with black
and tan or tan markings. Other colors can occur.

The Toy Fox Terrier is a robust Terrier with all the passion
that terriers ancestor used to exhibit. This little dog
thinks it is big. The breed is an active, alert, bright,
curious, inquisitive, loving, pleasant, quick, sensitive and
tough little dog.

Primarily a companion dog today, the Toy Fox Terriers
haven't forgotten their roots like some small dog breeds and
can often be seen catching small animals like mice. They are
athletic and love to hunt. This dog breed is exceptionally
intelligent and very trainable. They are affectionate and
loyal to their masters.

They have proven to make excellent assistance dogs to the
handicapped around the house. They are also wonderful dogs
for the hearing impaired or deaf. They can be trained to
alert and lead their human companion to the source of a
sound such the doorbell ringing.

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