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Exploring the Top 50

Animals that have

been on Television

Peppy Pets
Jan. 10 / 03

The Top 50 Animals on TV

Take a guess and see who you think the number one
rated animal that has been on a TV show or on TV is.
Hint: It's a dog.

50. Tiger the Dog The Brady Bunch
49. Flicka (horse) My Friend Flicka
48. J. Fred Muggs (chimp) The Today Show
47. Smokey Bear Wildlife conservation commercials
46. Felix the Cat Felix the Cat series
45. The Fancy Feast Cat Fancy Feast commercials
44. Chipper the Dog Land of the Giants
43. Champion (horse) The Adventures of Champion
42. Itchy and Scratchy (animated) The Simpsons
41. Tom and Jerry (animated) Tom and Jerry
40. Debbie the Bloop (chimp) Lost in Space

39. Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion Daktari
38. The Polar Bears From Coca-Cola’s Northern Lights
37. Yogi Bear (animated) The Yogi Bear Show
36. Higgins (dog) Petticoat Junction
35. The Nesquick Bunny Nestle’s Quik commercials
34. Bruce the Ocelot Honey West
33. AFLAC duck AFLAC commercials
32. Mighty Mouse (animated) Mighty Mouse Playhouse
31. Charlie the Tuna (animated) StarKist commercials
30. Spot the Dragon The Munsters

29. Buck the Dog Married With Children
28. The Chihuahua From Taco Bell commercials
27. Santa’s Little Helper (animated dog) The Simpsons
26. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (animated) Rudolph The
Red-Nosed Reindeer
25. Fred the too Baretta
24. Triumph the Insult Dog Late Night With Conan O’Brien
23. Topo Gigio (mouse) The Ed Sullivan Show
22. The “Critters” The Beverly Hillbillies
21. Woody Woodpecker (animated) The Woody Woodpecker Show
20. Max the Dog How the Grinch Stole Christmas

19. Tony the Tiger (animated) Kellog’s Frosted Flakes
18. Lancelot Link/ Secret Chimp Lancelot Link/ Secret Chimp
17. Salem the Cat Sabrina the Teenaged Witch
16. Big Bird Sesame Street
15. Rocket “Rocky” J. Squirrel & Bullwinkle J. Moose (animated)
The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show
14. Rin Tin Tin (dog) The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
13. Scooby-Doo (animated, dog) Scooby-Doo Where Are You?
12. Silver the horse The Lone Ranger
11. Bugs Bunny (animated) The Bugs Bunny Show

10. Gentle Ben (bear) Gentle Ben
9. Morris the Cat 9 Lives commercials
8. Trigger (horse) The Roy Rogers Show
7. Arnold Ziffel the Pig Green Acres
6. Snoopy (animated dog) Charlie Brown specials
5. Eddie (dog) Frasier
4. Mister Ed (horse) Mister Ed
3. Flipper (dolphin) Flipper
2. Kermit the Frog The Muppet Show
1. Lassie (dog) Lassie


My cat is name Jasper. He is 8 months old. He came to me one
day when a friend found three kittens and their mother
beside them dead. I took him in even though I wasn't supposed
to have cats in my apartment. Now everyone in the apartments
love him.

Jasper was too small to even hold up his head at that time.
I feed him from a bottle for about two months as he didn't
want to give it up plus I enjoyed cuddling up with him and
watching him drink from his bottle. Jasper is so different
than all the other cats I have had. He seems to know what I
want and he tells me in his own way of what he wants too.

Jasper would put his paw out and seem to point to what he
wants. He has to know what going on at all times. When I am
in the kitchen washing dishes or washing my hair, etc. He
would jump on the cabinet (which he know he is not allow on)
and then jump onto my back or shoulder and watch what I am
doing. You can't go anywhere without Jasper. He has to go to
the bathroom with you, which he likes to drink out of the
faucet or sleep in the bathroom sink. You can wash your hands
while he is sleeping and he doesn't care if water is pouring
over him. He jumps into my car when I open the door, Lays
down in the back seat and goes where ever you go. Jasper
loves all of his toys. I would throw one of his toys and he
would bring it back to me to play again.

Of course he does have his outings outside like any cat
does. I keep a collar with a bell and name tag on him and he
knows he can't go out without it. He has a friend next door
that he plays with a lot. I keep a large bell on the outside
of the door. Jasper will hit it when he wants to come back
in. Sometimes he will hit the bell and then I open the door
and he would look at me and then run away. He will keep
doing this until I get tired of getting up all the time.

Well. I can keep talking about Jasper and make a book about
him but guess you can only write so much. By the way the
other two kittens, Jasper's brothers. They are doing just
fine. My friend kept them and she told me that Jasper is the
best looking cat from the litter.

Jasper has helped me so much as I have a disease that puts
me in lots of pain. Jasper has helped by giving me someone
to take care of and keeping my mind off of the pain. He
keeps me going that's for sure. Jasper has giving me so much
joy and love.

Thank You, Jasper
Your mom, Sandra Mathis


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Max & Barney

I just want to say that within 10 days we lost two of my
"sweetest" pets in the world. Barney was about 4yrs old. He
was a stray, and my husband brought him home. We tried to
find the owner, and you guessed it, we became the owners.
barney was the most fun loving and happy dog we had. He
always was wagging his tail, and never let the bigger dogs
get the best of him. Barney suffered a cluster seizure, and
within 4 days we had to let him go to doggie heaven.
Although we only had Barney for about one year, he brought
us much joy, particularly my husband, who had been
recovering from colon cancer. We miss him so much!

Ten days later, another tragedy. My dog MAX, who I had since
she was 8 weeks old passed on too. Max was 15 years old, and
I guess her heart just gave out, although she kept trying to
live. I slept right beside her all day and night trying to
comfort her, but I guess she was comforting me. I miss her
so very much, 15 years is a long time. Max was the most
loving and loyal dog. She was just happy being Max. I have a
huge hole in my heart now, but I know someday I will see
them both, and they will come running to greet me with tails
a wagging!

We still have two more doggies at home with us, Pettie and
Roxsy. they are BIG dogs, and I know they are grieving too.
Pettie constantly goes to Max's grave in the yard, and lies
down beside it. Dogs are very smart, and they feel loss just
as we do. Now I try to give my other 2 dogs as much love as
I can.


This is an idea I've come up with after trying for years to
find something to control my dog's digging holes around the
foundation of my home while hunting ground squirrels.

I took an old carpet protector, the kind with the grippers
on the underside, used in offices to protect the carpet from
rolling chairs.

I cut a strip and placed it upside down, in front of the
digging site. When my Doberman, Jaz, tried to access his
dig, he quickly changed his mind. All it took was one step
and he hasn't returned, since.

My Doberman Pinschers have big feet with tough pads, I don't know
if a dog with softer pads would be injured.

This trick might also help prevent raccoons from accessing
trash cans or even trees, for nesting

Susan, a.k.a. Dobermom

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