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The Danger of

your Pet getting

Mad Cow Disease

If you are feeding a pet food that contains beef, perhaps it
would be a good idea for you to read this article on Mad Cow Disease.

Peppy Pets Newsletter
April 05, 2004 


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Mad Cow Disease and Your Pet

There's one place in the supermarket where grocers still sell
the processed cattle remains that could harbor
mad cow disease -the pet food section.

Cattle brains and spinal cords -the tissue that can carry the
mad cow disease -can be used in dog and cat food as well
as in feed given to hogs and chickens.

An international panel of experts that recently reviewed U.S.
mad cow safeguards at the Bush administration's request said
cattle brains and spinal cords "must be excluded" from all animal
feed and pet food.

If you are feeding a pet food that contains beef, perhaps it
would be a good idea for you to read this article.

There has been reported cases of mad cow disease in cats,
from eating cat food with beef in it. So far there are no reported
cases of mad cow disease in dogs, however, just because
it's not reported doesn't mean the government is allowing it
to be.

Mad cow disease is far more rampant than what the government
would like us to think.

For more info on Mad Cow Disease and what it really is

Life's Abundance dog and cat food is certified beef free.
Find out more here:


Is Cocoa Bean Mulch Harmful for Your Pet?

Find out here:


The Dalmatian breed of dog originates from the Dalmatian
Coast of Croatia.

At least 63% of dog owners admitted to kissing their dogs.
Of these, some 45% kissed them on the nose, 19% on the
neck, 7% on the back, 5% on the stomach and 2% on the legs.
An additional 29% listed the place they kiss their dog as other!

Yes I tell my two Shih Tzuís Nikki and Sierra that
I love them everyday!

Kathy and Jerry Duhe


Yes, we do tell our 5 Afghan Hounds that "I Love You"
and give them a BIG  kiss on the nose. and yes they
do understand this because they give us a BIG kiss
right back. Their names are: Zoe, Ziggy, Sammie,
Tazi and Brandi.

Thanks, Jan Random

Taffy eats the Chicken for Supper

My oldest cat, Taffy, is 17 years old. He is getting to be
a 'grumpy old man'! His favorite past time is to walk
through the house complaining about everything! He is
constantly hungry. Last week I opened the refrigerator door
and at the same time reached over to shut off the stove

About 20 minutes later, when I went to leave the house, I
looked for all 'my boys' to say good-bye. I couldn't find
Taffy anywhere. Finally, when walking by the fridge, I
heard bottles rattling, open the door and found Taffy sitting
on the bottom shelf with a very satisfied look on his face -
I was not going to have chicken for supper!!!!!

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