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What did your Pet

get as a Gift from

Santa Claus?


Peppy Pets
Dec. 25, 02

What did Santa bring you under the tree today?
And, what did Santa put under there for your pets?

Tippy got some really nice treats, like the Life's Abundance
Dental Treats...Yum Yum!!! and she got some of the
edible dog bones, and a bottle of the Herbal Ear Formula
to keep those pesky ear mites away.

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Alfred and the rest of help-purrs each got a bag of the
Life's Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats...No more hairballs
for them this year!
Prevent Cat Hairballs

T.C. was a really good kitty this year and got some new
mouse toys to chase around the house.

Annie got a whole big box of the Horse Cookies, she and
the other goats just LOVE these scrumptious treats.

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Dave, well, he wasn't too good, he got a lump of coal......
and a lot of bills...<sigh>

Send us an email and let us know what special gift your
pet got this Christmas! (and don't forget to include your
pet's name)
Send here:

We all hope that Santa was very good to you guys this year.
Wishing you a very happy and joyous day.

And remember, Jesus is the reason we all celebrate this
grand and glorious day.

Your editors,
Tippy & Alfred

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harsh effects on your precious pet. They have a Free report
containing some great tips from the University of Tennessee
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You can also find out about what holiday treats NOT to
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I have a black DSH cat named Snake. (when he was a kitten
instead of him running away from us he would crawl, thus the
name Snake).

I had walked out in the woods where my husband was putting
up a fence and my shadow, Snake, had gone with me.

I asked my husband if he had moved some rocks that were
piled up together, he stated yes, they came from behind
where you are standing.

I turned to look behind me and Snake was digging at the
leaves. I said I hope he is not digging up a snake. No
sooner than I had gotten those words out of my mouth, Snake
slapped a small copperhead snake away from him (and me). He
had now truly earned his name Snake.

Janice Andrews

My cat is called Moul, when we got him he was a kitten and
the woman we bought him from said he would be very
nervous. He wasn't and when we let him out he ran off.

We looked for him and when we found him he was in a bag of
teddies fast asleep. He sank down, down, down until he got
to the bottom then he woke up with a jump. He couldn't get
out so we had to lift him out.

He was soooo sweet then and I still love him now he is 5
years old!

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