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Peppy Pets
Feb. 28, 03

I Love my Missy, a very special dog, who Saved my Life

This story is about a very special dog in my life. Her name
is Missy. You would think that she is a very large dog, but
she only weighs 11.5 lbs. She is 3 years old. Last summer I
spent several months with a serious condition. I still
continued as if I were not sick for my family of 4. One day
I spent too much time out in the dry hot desert heat. I felt
very sick and actually fell asleep in my recliner which I
never do.

I woke up to Missy continually crying until I was fully
awake. I woke up drenched in sweat inside a cool house. I
fully believe she saved my life. She to this day keeps me
from getting depressed with the fact that it takes so long
to bounce back from this condition that I mentioned
previously. She is so special to me. We communicate through
her body language and my body language/speech. I love her
with all of my heart. I hope she will be able to live a long
and happy life.

Missy's Mom,
Jill Jenkins

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Hi! I too, had a favorite pet...His name was Tony, he was
from one of my grandmothers dogs litter.. He was a runt, and
only at 4 weeks old, no one else wanted him but me.

His mom was a white Spitz, father unknown.. (He looked like a
black Chow Chow).. I got to bring Tony home with me, that was in
1959, I was 9 years old...He was a black fur ball.. pointed ears,
and a curled tail over his back...I nursed him from a
baby bottle, and he slept with me in my bed, we were

We went everywhere together, he followed me to school,
was there at recess, we played together, he was my best friend,
he walked home with me after school, with his watchful eye,
not letting any other dog near me.. And he kept bullies away from
me, they thought he was mean.. Ha! He bluffed them...
He weighed 65 pounds.

When I was upset or sick, he was there beside me all day.
Times he would put his head across my legs, as if he was
protecting me from any harm coming my way.

Tony passed on at 18 years and 36 days, in 1977..My mother
had called me at work, and had me come home, Tony
wasn't doing too well, when I drove up, and started walking
up to the house, before I went inside to tell my mom and dad
I was there, I heard a cry, I immediately went to him, he held his
head up one more time, as if he was waiting to see me one more time.

That night he passed on.....I'm sorry, I'm crying as I am typing this,
I so miss my friend, but I know he is still with me, and will
always be...I am now 52 years old, and I can close my eyes
and remember things we did together back in 1959 when he
was a pup and I was 9...TONY.. MY BEST FRIEND...


My pet is a male, 3 year old West Highland White Terrier and
I know what he would say to me. "Mom, I love you so much and
now that the weather is cooling down in the mornings and
evenings, could we please get in the car and drive to the dog
park -------- please, please."


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Stonewall gets a case of the Ear Mites
By Ken Hodges

Stonewall my Great Pyrenees began to scratch his left ear a number
of times one day, and, since my wife and I lived in a cypress wood
cabin in the woods in the Smokies, I thought he might have
picked up some ear mites. It was time to go to the

So now Stonewall and I were in the examination room. He was
10 months old and weighed 180 lbs. I was holding the dog lead
and was squatted next to Stonewall's mammoth body. The vet
came in and, looking at the chart, said, "So you think he
might have ear mites, eh?"

After I replied in the affirmative the vet leaned down,
lifted up Stonewall's ear flap, and before he could look at
it, the dog bolted out the door leading to the waiting room,
jerking me off my feet. There I was, with the leash leading
over my left shoulder, and on my back. I was wearing a
parka and I can still hear the whisk, whisk sound as I was
rapidly pulled across the wood floor...into the examination
room which was full of patients and their owners. I didn't
look at anybody in the suddenly quiet room. I just got to
my feet, cleared my throat authoritatively, and as I began
to walk Stonewall back into the room, said, "Come along,

My wife said that as soon as the door closed the waiting
room erupted in uproarious laughter. One guy with tears
running down his face, guffawed and said, "That's gotta be
the funniest thing I ever saw." She pretended she didn't
know me. This had to be the most embarrassing moment of my

By: Anne

story: My guy is a 26lb giant fur ball with the most
beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen. He's Siamese &
Maine Coon Mix. He has the Siamese coloring with the Coon

He's one of a kind and knows it. He walks on a cat leash, rides
in a car seat and is king of the house and everywhere else.
He likes most people, but when he doesn't he will sit and
stare you down just so you know.

He loves his evening strolls in the summer months. One of
his favorite summer past-times is playing in the garden
hose. He chases the water until I've drenched him.

He has a wonderful personality and has been my best friend
for the past sixteen years. Everyone should have a friend
like him. He makes me laugh and brightens up my day when I
arrive home to find him waiting to greet me by licking the
end of my nose with his sandpaper tongue and let me know
he's missed me.

Each night he races me up the stairs to the bedroom for his
nightly "nummies" before settling down on the bed for the
night, and snuggles until it's time to wake me in the
morning with a good morning "meow".

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