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We shudder to think

what your furry companion

many be eating for dinner

Peppy Pets
Jan. 12 04

World Record Holders

A Basset Hound whose grandfather gained fame as Biggles,
the face of Hush Puppies shoes, has made it into the new
2004 Guinness Book of World Records. This as the dog
with the longest ears, the company said.

Mr. Jeffries, whose full name is Knightsfollie Ladiesman, had
ears that measured 111/2 inches on Nov. 3, 2002, Guinness said.
Owner Phil Jeffries, of Southwick, England, said Mr. Jeffries,
whose ears are insured for $47,800, was often standing on
his ears, tripping over them and dragging them through his food

An Old English Mastiff holds the record for being the heaviest
dog.  In 1989, "Zorba", a Mastiff in London, weighed in at 343 lbs.

The heaviest cat on record weighed 46 lbs., 15-1/4 oz.  The cat,
named "Himmy", was a ten year old male tabby from Queensland,


Do You Really Know...
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Something To Ponder.....

If cats go to Heaven, are there cat litter boxes there?

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Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about my dogs. First
of all, Yes of course I tell my dogs I love them on a
regular basis. With only 1 child, an adult, I call them "my
other kids." I have two twelve year old poodles (a female -
Toy; and a male - Miniature).

The male's name is Taylor and the female is named Toffey. I
call them T&T/2 - Puppies for short. Taylor is white with big
brown eyes and has facial expressions at times that really
makes him look as if he's smiling. He is my shadow because
he always needs to be where I am, to the point of actually
watching my feet. He is usually quiet and docile, but
occasionally puts Miss Toffey in her place. 

Toffey is off-white in color and was born dark brown. She is
high-spirited and bossy, but cute as a button. She was the
first one of the two to bark and seemed quite taken aback
when she heard Taylor's first bark. She usually gets all of
the attention when around people. She's friendly, sweet and
adorable, but mean at the same time (always bossing Taylor
around). They've both been hit by cars for different reasons
and survived. They were blessed!!

I got them both at the same time so they'd have companions.
They're from the same litter and different as night and day.
I'm retired and so we spend a lot of time together- I take
them walks and rides in the car almost everyday. When
they're away at the kennel for whatever reason, my house
feels strange without them. Yes, I love my two little dogs
and yes I tell them so on a regular basis. My letter is
getting too long, but I could tell you a thousand stories
about them that would amuse and entertain you. I'm thinking
about writing a book.

Anita Jordan


I tell my "kids" I love you on a frequent basis, I think
they know my second oldest Max is Dad's boy he loves to
sleep w/Dad at night, one of his favorite things he used to
do and still does on occasion is to get Dad to wake is he
will wash my face let me tell you at 6:00 in the morning
that comes as quite a shock, my other boy Scooter loves to
lay on my feet at night or by my head in the mornings, their
sister Vanity is the princess, she is such a lady, she will
cross her paws when she is lying down, she also loves to sit
on their platform and swat at you if you walk by and don't
say Hi to her! 

David Thomas

When Sam, my Schnauzer, and I go to bed, he lays close to me
so I can kiss the side of his face and tell him I love him.
After I give him a few kisses, he wipes his face with his
paw like he is wiping my kisses off --then holds his face up
-- to get more kisses. He is my sixth Schnauzer over the
years. He is my very best friend and (at my age) the reason
to get up in the morning.

Bettie Richwine


Boo-Boo was always there to Lick my Face

I have a Toy Poodle, named Boo-Boo. He has always been such
a source of joy and entertainment to me. I even got to teach
him to bury a bone! (as a pup he had been very neglected )
We got each other on Oct.28th, 9 years ago, when he was only
9 months ago. Since then we have been through so much

A few years ago now, I had to have an operation, I almost
died on the table, then I was in I.C.U. for a week, where I
almost died again. But when I finally got home Boo-Boo was
so very excited to see me, I did not even get in the door of
my apartment, before he was all over me loving and kissing
on me.

My Dr. wanted me to move to a place where people could help
me while I recuperated, but, I told the nurses that I
wasn't going anywhere without Boo-Boo. They agreed.

Over the next 2 years, we were in some tough living
situations, my " Baby Boo "was always there to lick my face
as I cried, to make me laugh when I was sad, to make me go
outside to meet nice people, and to just appreciate the
world around me.

I really believe that God sends us pets to care for, so that,
in HIS name, they can take care of us. I know that for me,
many days, Boo-Boo is what keeps me going.

Deborah B. Smith

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