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Some common lizards that most people know about people
having as pets are the gecko, the salamander, the anole, the
chameleon, and even the iguana. But there are many other
kinds of lizards that people keep as pets. Some lizards are
better for children to have as pets and others should only
be handled by adults who know how to care for the specific

The primary lizard species that are kept as pets are as follows:

Collared Lizard
Curly-tail Lizard
Giant Legless Lizard
Gila Monster
Helmeted Iguana
Horned Toad
Jones Armadillo Lizard
Long Tailed Grass Lizard
Sailfin Dragon
Spiny Lizard
Sudan Plated Lizard
Thorny Devil
Water Dragon

Also, there are quite a few sub-species to the lizard
species listed, each with it's own distinctive characteristics.

Lizards are normally kept in glassed-in enclosures with heat
lamps if needed. Some people also put grasses and plants
into the tanks to make the lizard feel like they are in
their natural surroundings and make the tank more
attractive. Keep in mind that the more objects you put in
the tank the harder it will be to clean, and try to balance
the decor for good care from you but proper habitat for your

Most lizards eat insects and even small rodents, depending
on the size of the lizard. Providing a small pool of water,
changed daily, for the lizard to drink and perhaps even swim
in is also necessary for all lizards.

Lizards are reptiles and constantly have to regulate their
body heat by moving to and from warm and cool locations in
order to survive. If a lizard is too cold it will go into a
kind of hibernation and possibly starve to death, much like
it's legless brothers the snakes. There is no halfway for
these creatures and keeping a steady proper temperature is
necessary for their survival, so expect to spend some money
on special housing, lighting and heating for most types of
lizard pets.

Some lizards, however, don't need quite such specialized
care. These are the lizards that may work as pets for
children if the child is taught how important it is to
handle and care for a pet properly. Leopard Geckos and
Bearded Dragons have been cited as good pets for youngsters.
Unlike other species of lizards, these lizards will tolerate
being handled a lot and are often docile and don't bite. It
should be stressed that before and after handling a lizard
you should wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Many
lizards (and other reptiles) may carry salmonella and proper
cleanliness may keep you and the lizard from getting sick.

Lizards can and will bite and scratch their handler. Most
lizards dislike being handled - if you want something to
cuddle don't get a lizard. Lizards can be easily stressed
and when this happens they can sicken and die. They need a
stable environment that is kept clean and not disturbed too
much. Lizards are the kind of pets that you watch more than
you handle. Keep that in mind when shopping for a pet.

But if you enjoy watching and caring for an animal, there
are some truly interesting and fantastic lizards in all
kinds of shapes and sizes, and few require large amounts of
time for good care.

Before you choose a lizard pet to take home, be sure to ask
what the full growth will be. Some lizards get very large,
and you will have to make more and bigger arrangements for
their living quarters as they grow. Always consider the
animal before yourself and find out all the facts and what
is necessary for a pet before you take one home.

Too many lizards end up being conveniently lost or sold when
they get to be too much for their owner to handle because
the owner did not do the proper research before bringing the
lizard home. It's sad but true. Some people have kept
alligators and crocodiles as pets and when they became too
much to handle flushed them down the toilet. But unlike the
myths, they most likely did not survive the experience to
stalk the sewers.

Keep in mind that reptiles never stop growing, so even when
they reach their full growth they will continue to grow
beyond that just at a slower rate. Most don't live long
enough to become the giants of old but don't be surprised -
if you take good care of your lizard - if it lives a little
longer than expected and gets a little bigger than

Above all else keep in mind that when you take home any pet
they are your responsibility. Even if it is for your child
you are ultimately responsible for its health and well
being. Research and learn what you can and keep the animal
happy and healthy and you will have a pet that will
entertain you and your family for a good long time.

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