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Free Radicals &

Your Pet's Health

Peppy Pets
March 19, 03

What's a Free Radical Got To Do With My Pet's Health?

So what is a free radical and what's an antioxidant, and
what does all this have to do with keeping my pet healthy?

To find out the answers, please select the links below

Perdue University Veterinary School data shows that over
the last 30 years, 24% of over one million dogs treated
were diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases
including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Scientists believe DNA is critical to maintaining the health
of both cats and dogs. It is thought that around 80-90%
of human cancers are due to DNA damage.
(Doll & Peto 1981)

A study conducted by Waltham (pet food company) in 2001
investigated free radicals and DNA damage. Results of the
study concluded that dogs fed a special blend of antioxidant
rich food had 26% less DNA damage than dogs fed a
typical commercial blend of food. Cats had 17% less
damage than cats fed a typical commercial blend of food.

Antioxidants, Free Radicals and Your Pet

What Your Pet Needs to Know about Free Radicals

Protect Your Pet from Free Radical Damage


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If my doggies, Pettie, the lab and Roxy, the
Rottweiler could speak, they would tell me how much
they love me, and are so very greatful that I
found both of them as unwanted, and brought them
home to live a wonderfully happy doggie life.

Oh yes, they would also say. "Where's our treats".
They are both spoiled, of course!!! They are my children.


Hi Tippy & Alfred,

My name is Molly & I'm an 8 year old, full breed Chihuahua!

My Mommy raised me from a puppy! I love her so much! But a
sad thing happened, my Mommy has been having serious health
problems for over 3 years now! She was diagnosed with a
Chemical Imbalance, Severe Migraine Headaches, as well as a
serious illness called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I
hate to see my Mommy sick, but I never leave her side!
Mommy has always been there for me & I want to do the same
for her!

I've never been trained to do this but, I have learned to
sense when something is going to happen to my Mommy! I can
sense these changes up to 2 days before it takes place and I
let Mommy know! (I have been like this ever since she has
gotten sick!) After warning Mommy, she knows to stay at
home and not to plan anything other than to take care of

Mommy says that she loves me dearly & that I'm a very
special girl! I glad I can help Mommy because I love her

Thanks for letting me share this story with you!
Mommy & Molly

Yes, I tell my pets I love them every day. We have a house
full, one Airedale Samson, 2 Chihuahua dogs, mike mouse and
Bambi, one fox terrier Jaki, 2 rat terriers Kati girl and
Murphy; and last but not least Kelly our rescue puppy who is
7 months old looks like a small pointer but oh so lovable.

Sad news just received a call from our daughter in tears,
her beloved tea cup Chihuahua just passed away in her arms.
She is just beside herself wish I could make her feel better
but I can't, hope god takes good care of Renny.

Thanks for your letter, Patty
PS forgot our Collie Dobby has a long nose like the
house elf in Harry Potter and so kind so therefore
the name.

Patricia Sadowski

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