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Peppy Pets
Nov. 17, 03

Sherwood and Dillon go Kayaking

I have two great dogs who are very much part of the family,
it is just my husband and I our kids are grown,
somewhat! Any way they are out of the house, I bought
Sherwood at six weeks old, (the Boston Terrier) and Dillon
at eight weeks old, he is the Dachshund, they get along
great! They are best buddies, except a few fights over their

My husband and I do landscaping, we built a fish pond in
our yard, the Boston Terrier, has come to love the water, he
started out swimming in the pond. When ever we go camping
and boating he has to go! People love to see Sherwood
swimming! He is a sight to see, he is a little over weight
so he is not the best swimmer, so he spends a lot of time
just laying in the water with just his head sticking out!

As far as the Dachshund he is not as fond of the water, but
so Sherwood does not show him up he tries to stay in the
water just as long! They also love to go with us in our
kayaks, they are so proud they stand up and put their little
paws on the edge of the boat in just take in the sun! And
they love all the attention the people give them, they put
on a nice little show!

My dogs are very much loved, we show that by the Birthday
parties we give them, the kids think we have lost it, but
that's ok!, I guess when you reach 40 something you have a
right to do strange things!! Thanks for letting me share
this! From a animal and dog lover,
Shirley Ann Wilson,
Dayton Ohio


Kenneth Lee Walker: proud owner of 1 dog and 6 chickens

Leroy and I came to find each other six years ago when I was
on a trip up the sunshine coast to visit a friend up at Ruby
Lake. There was a two sailing wait at the ferry, so I was
wandering around killing time, when I saw that a girl
talking on the pay telephone had a little white puppy
sitting at her feet.

I started playing with the little guy, and when the girl had
hung up the phone, I said "What a nice puppy". "Do you want
him?" she replied.

I had been thinking of getting a dog, but had decided that I
was going to get a female dog, as they don't need to pee on
everything. She told me that she was going up the sunshine
coast as well and that she was hoping to give it to somebody
at the wedding she was going to, but she would give it to
me, only she still wanted to take it up to the wedding to
show everyone there.

She told me that she would drop him off at my house on the
way back to the kootenays. I told her that would be fine,
and gave her my address and telephone number. Finally after
waiting for hours for the ferry, as I was driving up the
ramp, I saw the girl, waving out the passenger side of her
boyfriend's van, shouting, "You can have him now" Apparently
he did not share his girl's desire to show off the puppy at
a wedding. The exchange was made right there on the ferry.
As soon as we parked, I walked over to the van and took the
puppy from her.

It took a while until I found a name that stuck, and for the
first few weeks, he was Moon doggie, Lunar, Casper, and
finally, Leroy.

Leroy is part yellow lab and part ( Weimeraner. I don't know
how it is spelled.) He needs to be with the pack constantly.
Mostly the pack is just me, but it extends to all my

He most desperately wants me to get hooked up with a girl so
that he can have a mommy. He's so cute when he drags them
over for approval.

Half n Half, Sketcher, Loca, Babi, Patches, Precious and Angel


I have a cat named Miracle and she is truly a miracle! When
she was just 2.8lbs, her previous owner threw her against
the wall and put her in a coma. I took care of her for a
week and she finally started walking again. She had some
brain damage but lived a normal life.

The following October, she had a really bad seizure and died
but the Vet brought her back to life! She lives with me now
but she cannot walk. Besides not walking, she is normal but
I take really good care of her.

She has her own room and I hand feed her breakfast and
supper everyday. Some people may think that its cruel to
keep her alive but she seems so happy. She eats good and
purrs all of the time. I couldn't think of putting her to
sleep and I feel like I am doing the right thing.

The Vet says that she is very healthy. Anyways, I wanted to
share her story with you and her happy ending. She is my

Sam loves to play with his buddy, Bear
Dene Woods

My name is Sam, I'm a shorthaired domestic, black and white
and even tho I'm still a kitten, I am quite sleek and
handsome. I live with a mini black Pomeranian and he is my
favorite play toy next to my paper bag. I'm almost as big as
Bear right now. I love to jump him as he runs by me. And
waiting for him to fall asleep so I can scare him is great
fun. Bear keeps things interesting around here.

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