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Overweight Doggies

and Two Cheerful

Cat Stories


Peppy Pets
Feb. 19, 2004

Jake, Mitzie, Buttons and Lector who have a Great Mom
Sheila M McCarthy

We live in Livonia, Mi. Our humans are very good to us. My
name is Mitzie and I am a French Poodle that chose my owner.

I caused a five car fender-bender one stormy afternoon and
while my current owner wasn't looking I jumped into her nice
dry, and warm car. By the time she noticed me it was too
late. I wasn't getting out!

She's a good mom and thinks that I am the "cat's meow" even
though I am a dog. She brought me home to two cats and
another dog, a young "stud muffin" named Jake. I wasn't too
sure about the two cats, they are both as big as I am. Over
the years I have developed a repor with Buttons and Lector.
Even though one can not tell by their names, we are all
girls, kind of a female dominance going here. We gather at
meal time and fend off Jake who out numbers us in size and
weight. The mom in this family helps us to keep Jake out of
our food, he is always over anxious to help us finish what's
on our plate!

We girls all gather at night with the mom to get pampered.
We all enjoy this routine, and then there's Jake. Typical
male, all he wants to do is go play Frisbee with the dad or
his boy. The girls and I remain with mom until it's lights
out. We get the bed, Jake gets the floor. I'm already up
there in years and I wanted to make sure I found a home with
plenty of TLC and companionship for my "Golden Years". That
stormy night of many years ago turned out to be the best
night that ever happened.

Pet Type: 2dogs/golden retriever mix & French poodle and 2
cats domestic.


Two Delightfully Charming Cat Stories

Three Beautiful Cats

I have three beautiful cats that are the apples in
my eyes. Each has a different story. Since Eszie is
my favorite (please, don't tell the other two)
her story is first.

Eszie (Eszmeralda) is a 7 yr. old Bombay mix, who
we adopted 4 years ago. The first time I met her,
at her former "owners" house, she lay on my lap,
purring and sleeping for 2 hours!
I fell head over paws in love! But I couldn't stop
at just 1 cat.

Next comes Bug (Bugaboo). She is a black Angora
with beautiful, and HUGE yellow eyes. A friend of
ours was trying to bottle feed this 3 week old kitten,
raise a family, go to school and work, plus take care
of another cat and dog.

I met Bug at my place of my employment, where she
fell asleep on my chest! When I mentioned her to
my husband he wasn't sure he wanted another cat,
I convinced him to try it for a week,
that was 4 years ago!!

Finally, but in no way least is Buttons. She was
supposed to be a guinea pig...but they were too
expensive and the pet store had a HUGE cage full
of kittens. Buttons was sleeping when I handed
her to my husband. She woke up and immediately started
purring, I pleaded to be able to bring another
cat home and my loving husband agreed.

Now our family consists of 2 humans and 3 felines.
I am so blessed to be able to share my life with
my beautiful babies. If only I could get a dog...

sent in by: Tamie

We'd gotten a pair of black and white kittens from a friend
for our two small children. Our daughter named the girl
"Princess Katherine". She was the cuddler. Our 15 month old
son came up with the name "Bucky", we never knew how he came
up with that.

Bucky always thought he was more dog than cat. He came when
my husband whistled, he followed us on walks, and he would
run to our parking area when our cars were a block away. He
had a route of homes he'd visit and when he patted their
doors, elderly people would come out and pet him and give
him food. It took years for us to realize why he didn't seem
to eat the food we put out, no matter what we tried.

My husband and I were both teachers and thought we were
being pranked. Our doorbell would ring and when opened
nobody would be there. One day I was across the street at a
neighbors and saw Bucky run down our long porch, leap and
hit the doorbell with his head. My husband opened the door,
looked around and then over at me and shrugged. My neighbor
and I were laughing as Bucky slipped inside between my
husbands legs. Ever after we knew when Bucky was ready to
come back inside.

sent by Linda Kelty

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