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Peppy Pets
Sept. 22, 03

For the Funniest Jokes about Horses & Horse Humor

Looking for some really funny, and hilarious horse
jokes and horse humor? Well, we've got them for you

We're also seeking for horse owners to send us their
favorite horse joke but we would appreciate you not
sending us any that are already on our horse web site.

You can find just about everything you might want on
Shadow and Smokey's horse site. They cover not only
horse humor and horse jokes, but a comprehensive
listing of horse health care and a lot of cool stuff
about horses and horse sports.

Horse Health Care

Horse Sports and Horse Training

Jokes and humor about Horses

Murphy's Law For Horses & Horse Owners
Horse Light Bulb Jokes
A Humorous Look at Equestrian Terminology
Mister Ed The Talking Horse

Yes, we take both our dogs (Italian Greyhounds) on vacation
to Florida with us. At first, we had a hard time identifying
places that would accept two pets but we finally located
about seven in the Indian Rocks, Treasure Island, St Pete

We selected this area because there is a dog beach near by
where we can take our pets to play.

Last year we stayed in a townhouse and this year we have a
cottage on the beach. We were attracted to the cottage by
the sign that hung outside the units, it said "Pets Adored"-
-our sentiments as well.

The dogs love going on a long bye-bye and they are wonderful
in the car. We live in PA and had not problem finding motels
to stay in on the way to Florida.

We have also been successful finding units at Myrtle Beach.

Next year we will be taking three dogs, we are planning to
adopt a greyhound when we return home this year.

I went to Europe three years ago and missed by pets so much
that I vowed that I would never leave them behind again.

Joan Gailey

Jeremy Spensser

I tell my dog that I love her everyday, just like my Mom and
Meme tell me that they love me. It's very important for her
to hear a sweet, loving tone of voice, even if she can't
understand my words!

My dog is a black Labrador Retriever, who just turned 1 year
old in July. She is an important member of our family. She fits right in,
we have an all girl house! Her name is HP, which stands for
Hannalee's Princess.

My name is Hannalee and I'm 9 years old!


We get lots of letters from our readers asking about various
health concerns for their pets. One of the biggest problems
dogs and cats experience is with their skin and coats.

If your dog or cat suffers from skin or coat problems, or allergies,
we suggest you read our report that will tell you exactly what
you need to do to alleviate the problems.


Hi there: My cats name is Dazy-g and I tell her every single
day that I love her and give her hugz and kisses. She just
turned 4 this month and I gave her some fish which she goes
crazy for so once again I told Dazy-g happy birthday then
gave her hugs and kisses and said "I love you Dazy-g." She
is orange and white with the biggest green eyes I've ever
seen in a cat. I tell Dazy-g I love her more than once a day
it's about 5 or 6 times a day and I know she loves me.

Joey Hyltun

I tell my beautiful, fluffy, sweet loving, 14 year old,
Buttons, that I love him through out the younger
cats I tell when they feel like coming and sitting in my
lap, which could be once a day, once a week or once a month.
My other 14 year old, Squeeker, I tell constantly also.

Mary Turner

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