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I do believe our

pets come back to us

they never leave our side.


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April 18, 03

I DO believe that our pets come back/or in some cases never
leave our side once they have passed on. When my buddy Cody
died in November I was devastated. Cody was a Golden
and just over 5 years old when he died from kidney
failure. He was diagnosed on Tuesday afternoon and passed
away on Saturday morning. 

Cody was always a mama's boy. And since he didn't get along
with our two other dogs he was kept in his den when we
weren't home to supervise them. His den was our bathroom.
And he had all his toys and food bowls and access to the
window to look out over the back yard as he chose. 

In order to look out the window however he had to climb onto
the old fashioned bath tub and sit his butt on one side and
put his paws on the window sill on the back side. Needless
to say any and all bottles of shampoo's and such that were
put on the back of the tub and the window sill were always
knocked into the tub by the end of the day. 

The day that Cody died he had somehow managed to get himself
up over the side of the tub and was laying in the tub when
he finally took his last breath with all the family there to
say goodbye. But that afternoon when we got back from taking
care of his body I opened the bathroom door that had been
kept closed the whole time to find all the bottles knocked
into the tub once again! I believe that this was Cody's way
of asking me to let him go. So from the advice of my son's
girlfriend I opened the window and told Cody that he was
free to go.

From that day forward I have never found the bottles
knocked into the tub. At least not when the door was closed
and we were all gone for the day. But to this day I still
feel his presence at times. And I believe that he is there
still watching over us. And I pray that when my time comes
to pass on Cody will be there on the other side waiting for



I don't think our pets ever really leave us. I do think that
sometimes they do come back to us as another pet. I had a
Siamese mix years ago. I loved that cat soooo much. We were
so close and he had a unique personality. 2 years ago I was
brought this scraggly little black cat that was smaller than
my hand. He was eaten by fleas and so hungry. I bathed him,
fed him and took him to the vet. He is huge now and has the
same laid back personality as my Scratches did. I think it
is the same soul in a different kitty body. He has just
always been so at ease here with me that it is like he is

I also had a yellow kitty that just disappeared one day and
never came home I know he is OK because all of my cats come
to me in different ways. I don't even have to look down to
know which one it is. I was putting on my make-up one
morning and Rusty whammed into my leg like he always did. I
looked down and no kitty was there - that I could see - It
was Rusty telling me he was still around and was OK. He was
my mole killer! That cat killed so many moles and of course
brought them right to the front door!!


The cat gets more sleep than virtually any other animal,
averaging about 16 hours of snoozing a day. Much of that
sleeping is in the form of short catnaps, short shallow periods
of sleep that are  relaxing to the cat, yet allow it to be
fully alert at a moment's notice.

We had a Maltese, Wiggles, for fourteen years and after his
death I've felt his fur brush against my legs while doing
dishes or anything else in the kitchen. I'm a firm believer
that our animals come back at one time or another to let us
know they are ok.

My husband died a little of three years ago from lung
cancer. Our tiny toy Poodle and I mourned for him so much. I
suddenly got an idea to get another dog, thinking perhaps it
would help the both of us.

On the one year anniversary of my husband's death, I was
able to adopt a boxer from the Missouri-Kansas Boxer rescue
group. I knew right away this dog had my husband's heart and
soul. Bill always said when he died he wanted to come back
as my pet dog and I believe he lives through my Boxer dog.

My husband had "his" chair and ever since he died, no one
sits in it, that is except the boxer. She does not allow
anything to be in the chair. She really hates having someone
else sit in it. She has brought our poodle and me out of our
depression. Sometimes she does things my husband did. She
has brought joy to our house.

I sincerely believe, my husband is inside her watching over

Mary Gucciardo 

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