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Do you tell your

pets that you love

them everyday?


Peppy Pets Daily Ezine for Folks who Love their Pets
April 21, 03

I tell my Shih Tzu, Buttons I love him every night when we
go to bed along with good night. I tell all our dogs I love
them when I leave to go to work too. We have five so I have
to leave a little early. With three Shih Tzu's and two Jack-
a-poo puppies our house is full of love, but about two years
ago it wasn't.

We lost Taffy the poodle to an enlarged heart and Buttons
was so lonely by himself, the two lived together for 13
years and Buttons had just been through surgery to remove
cancer so we were scared we might lose him to depression

Well, he's acting like there is something to live for now
with two sets of puppies within two years, but he still goes
looking for Taffy in the basement so he hasn't forgotten and
neither have we. So, remember to tell them you love them as
much as THEY LOVE YOU! I wish I had, but I think he knew.

Gretchen Meyers
Buttons, Rocky, Chloe, Sadie, Braiden and Daisy the cat)


Petey is a 11 year old Maltese. A very loveable, snuggable
little guy. Every night when I come home from work I pick
him up and give him a big hug and tell him I love him. He
always looks me directly in the eye, wiggles his little tail
and then licks my face. I believe that is his way of telling
me he loves me too. Doesn't get any better than that. We
never know what tomorrow will bring, so I want to make sure
that he knows my love is there everyday. I totally enjoy
your newsletter. Thank - you so much.

Karla Biltz


Yes, I do tell my long haired Chihuahua that I love her.,
probably at least once a day. I often feel that she is my
angel sent from heaven to keep me company and fill my world
with love. I refer to her as "My Precious Angel". Is she
spoiled? You'd better believe it ! Everyone that sees her
falls in love with her.

Joyce Yost

Of course I tell my animals that I love them, by touch as
well as words I also tell them how much I like spots. My
family includes a Dalmatian (deaf), rough-coated Parson
Russell terrier and a calico cat. Their pictures are
available on our website,

Lynn the Aardvark
Andy the Dalmatian
Suzi the terrier
and Kali the Kat

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I tell my German Shepherd and my Shepherd / Alaskan Malamute
/ Timber wolf mix that I love them all the time. They are
both spoiled rotten and are very loving back to me. I
believe that they both know that I love them and when I tell
them, they wag their tails and smile!!!

Katherine Gross


I have a brown tabby female neuter cat, Noelle. Since my
mother died it's the two of us against the world--we live
alone together. She's become very affectionate in the
intervening time and often gets up in my lap while I'm
working at the computer or sitting in the living room
watching TV or reading. Then I pat her and she purrs, and
sometimes I tell her, "I love my Noelle!" She seems to
respond to this, so I think on some level she understands;
maybe she's just reading my tone or what my hands are
saying, but she knows.

Christine Jeffords

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