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We recommend only giving Healthy Treats to your Pets

Peppy Pets
Dec. 08, 03

One of the best things that a pet owner can do is get
their pets treats that are good for them and that will help
enhance their health and lives.

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Studies have shown that 75% of pet owners get a
Christmas gift or birthday gift for their pets.

We think that's a wonderful way to let our precious furry friends
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Show your appreciation to your pet this holiday season
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When I call their names, my Cats come running
Rochelle Maucher

I would like to comment on the fallacy that cats do not
answer to their names. In your most recent column it said,
"it doesn't matter what you name your cat, it won't come
when you call it anyway." Well, I must disagree. I have five
cats, all adopted. Three came from homes where I was given a
name, one was an abandoned and flea-anemic 4 week kitten I
found on a doorstep of a vacant home, and the last was
another stray full of ticks, fleas and starved to the point
of 3 lbs of fur and bones.

Well, the last "find", which is the only "male" feline that
has ever resided her, was not intended to stay here, having
four feline family members as it was. I did not want to name
him, as once named, an animal feels like a member of the
family, so I called him, "boy cat" and proceeded to de-flea
and remove 52 ticks from his poor boney and starving body. I
took a great photo of him and put it into the local paper
with my phone number. I got one call and they said, "Hi I am
calling about the Himalayan mix, male cat in the paper" I
said, anxiously, (thinking I had connected an owner with
their lost cat), "Yes?" And then she said, "It's not my
cat!" I thought, then why the heck is this person wasting my
time. She proceeded to tell me that the photo was so cute
she wanted to compliment me on it. Give me a break! So that
was it, after two weeks of not finding the owner, I decided
I HAD to name the cat.

I looked at his, now wonderfully fed body and furry white
and peach colored face and said, "boy cat, what IS your
name?" He looked at me from across the room, and made his
very raspy meow to me. I just immediately out of nowhere
said, "Sammy?" and that sweet little boy came running like
lightening across the room and jumped right into my lap, put
his arms around my neck and kissed me! Now, I am NOT a "pet
psychic" but this was amazing! My son was witness to this,
so please do not think I am one of the "nutty cat ladies".

Therefore, when I call "Kit Kat" only SHE comes; when I call
"Annie" only my adopted Persian with the dreadlocks comes;
when I call "Tabatha" my beautiful delicate tabby comes and
last but not least, I can call my little, now grown-up
kitten "find" a number of names, plus nicknames that only
SHE responds to. So not only can I call her by her given
name of "Raisin Cane", but I can call "Mousey" and "Resin"
(her nicknames) and only SHE comes to me or anyone else that
beckons her to come by calling out her name. Now can you
dare to tell me that cats do NOT answer to their names?
Thanks for letting me share.


It appears that dogs can develop renal failure from eating grapes and
raisins. So, to be on the safe side, do not give your dog grapes or
raisins as treats. You can read more at these links:

Sent in by our friend Bluejay


Coco my Poodle
Hans Calkins

Ah yes, I will never forget Coco. When I got her I was a
little kid and she was a small ball of fur that fit in my
hand. On the way home from the kennel to her new family
(me and my parents) she was so scared she wet the towel in
the car. Later we knew she was scared of riding in the
car, this only lasted 6 months or so.

Coco grew up with 3 other Poodles, she was the only female.
She did everything they did, including lifting her leg like
the boys. Everyone was the same age, so they got along 98%
of the time. One day, they all got in the garage and tore
open a bag of peat moss, rolled in it and laughed at me.
Another time I came home and a roll of bathroom tissue was
all over my house. Everyone sat there saying "I didn't do
it, he did, she did, not me" In my teen years Coco and me
had a secret. I would take bologna, peanut butter or
cookies in my bedroom and the 2 of us would eat while the
other dogs didn't have a clue what we did.

I cooked chicken, rice and beef for Coco her last years of
her life. Sadly, Coco saw her friends leave the house and
not return. One was 12, another 14, and the other one 15.
Coco was alone. One day I adopted a kitten, but I didn't
know how this would work out. It did, thank goodness. So
Schatzi the Persian and Coco the Poodle became friends.

Coco moved to my new house with me when she was 17. She was
happy and still in excellent health. Then one day, she went
outside to do what she needed to do, under my willow tree.
But she collapsed. I panicked. She was now almost 19 years
old, I wanted her to live forever. She was my best friend,
so many years. The vet was a friend of mine and stopped by
my house. Coco was so scared as I held her and kissed her
head. I told her I loved her so much, and would see her
again someday. I cried, I miss her and the special times we
had. I grew up with her, and since I have no brothers or
sisters, she was very special to me.

I love the Tippy and Alfred newsletter. It is very
informative. I was hoping that someone on your staff
would be able to answer a question that I have
regarding my 7 yr old female Maltese (Gypsy). She
does something that I find very curious. Of course
she sleeps in the bed with me. When I get up, she
will walk over to where I was laying and rub all over
the area. Most of the time she rubs all over my
pillow. Also if I leave an article of clothing on the
couch instead of laying anywhere else on the couch she
will choose to lay on that piece of clothing. Is she
trying to cover my scent with hers or is she just more
comfortable with my scent on her? I'm not upset by it
actually I am rather amused because this is an
everyday occurrence. I have talked to other people
about this but no one seems to have an opinion. Thank you.

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