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If Your Pets

Have Ear Mites

Here's the Solution

Peppy Pets
March 26, 03

Ear Mites

If you suspect that Ear Mites might be troubling your
dog or cat, then we have listed here some of the possible
symptoms of ear mites.

Ear mites are nasty little buggers which feed on the
skin that leads to the ear canal. Not pretty and
not very comfortable for your pet. If you notice
inflammation or a reddish color of the skin, along
with the dog or cat doing a lot of scratching their
ears, then perhaps you should be using an ear mite
formula to get rid of them.

Other possible symptoms of ear mites would be a lot
of shaking of the head, behavior that is more restless
than normal, when touching the ears the pet pulls away
or yelps in pain, a nasty brownish glop in the ears which
has an ugly aroma.

Discover more information on this subject, and
for the answer to what you can do about ear mites,
please select the link below,

All About Ear Mites Here


Hi Tippy and Alfred,

I just wanted to respond to the article about ear mites. I
thought my dog had ear mites. She had all the signs of
them. I took her to the vet, and she had a yeast infection
in her ears. I just wanted people to know that because some
people treat their animals instead of going to the vet. Its
important that you go to the vet because some things have
same symptoms, and giving your pet wrong medicine can cause
more harm than good. So maybe you can tell pet owners to be
careful when diagnosing their animals without going to the
Thank you
Sonja and Thai the Shih Tzu

Lucky Charm

Hi my name is Corky I am a single mom of 4 which are all out
on their own with families of their own. I was in 3 car
accidents, surgery and a lot of pain every day I live by
myself. One day my daughter Jessica took me to a dog show..
and there in a circled fence there he was the man of my
dreams, I looked at him with thoughts of my mom's dog (which
pasted 15 yrs ago). Yes I bought him (or he bought me).

On the ride home Jessica and I were throwing names back and
forth, But I told her that we had to go to grandma' first
(my mom). Well when we pulled up in the driveway mom came
out crying when she saw he Said Oh my GOD Lucky came back
to me ( that was her dogs name) you guessed it.

Lucky it was in honor of mom's dog. I added the Charm
because he is my Lucky Charm. With all the love in his
little heart he helps me get thought the days of the pain..
Oh and mom she spoils him with toys and food and lots of
Thank you for reading my story
Corky & Lucky Charm

Jazmin, Baby, and Maxwell

One day my fiancé called me at work with the exciting news
that he had brought a puppy home. I asked what kind of puppy
it was and to my dismay he said that it was a pit bull.
Because of all of the awful stories in the news about
children getting attacked by these dogs, I jumped right on
the bandwagon. I threw a fit because my fiancé had brought
one of these horrible dogs into our home.

When I arrived home that evening, I was somewhat nervous.
However, to my surprise, when I sat on the couch the dog
jumped up beside me, licked my face, and sat there wagging
her tail. You could say that she "had me at hello". My fear
of her "pit bullness" was gone.

Since that day I have been a true fan of pit bulls. I have
done tons of research on the breed. Jazmin has been a part
of our family for over a year now, and she has been the
sweetest, most loving dog that we have had. We have been
adopted by another pit bull named Baby as well. She is
equally as sweet as Jazmin. They have become best buds with
my Boston Terrier, Maxwell.

It all goes back to how a dog is raised. You can make a
Chihuahua mean if you mistreat it. It angers me that dog
fighters and drug dealers have caused these dogs to have
such a bad name. After all, Petey from the Little Rascals
was a pit bull.

Parents should be concerned about the safety of children
with dogs regardless of the breed. While I understand the
fear - I had it myself - I think that people should educate
themselves. I am so happy that I did.

Suzy Klein

(Editor's note: Actually Pete the Pup on the Little Rascals was
an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, read more about Pete
on our American Staffordshire Terrier Mug page

Gizmo, Definitely a Daddy's Girl

Gizmo is a 1 year old Shih Tzu / Poodle that joined our other
children coco (dog) Sneeze (Cat) when she was just 8 wks old.
We were expecting a purebred (Shih Tzu) and ended up with
beautiful ball of fur instead.

We named her Gizmo because she looked just like the critter
from the movie "Gremlins". I wouldn't trade her for the
world. She is the best dog in the world, she is loving,
patient, and definitely a daddy's girl. The funniest thing
about her is when she wants to go out she starts by barking
real loud non stop until you say "Gizmo want out", then the
whole time you are walking to the door she licks your leg
keeping in step with you at all times. We think she is
saying "Thank you" "Thank you".

The other unique things about Gizmo is if you put your hand
up in the air next to her she will give you a high five. We
just love her dearly and wouldn't trade her for anything in
the world including a million dollars.

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