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Peppy Pets
Oct. 19, 2009

Taking Good care of your pet in National Pet Health Month

National Pet Health Month is a good time to check whether
there is more we can do to make sure our best friends are as
happy and healthy as possible.

Here in the northern hemisphere winter is on the way, and
the two problems that we and our pets often run into in the
colder weather are on the horizon: skin and hair problems.

We feed our pets Life's Abundance pet food from
HealthyPetNet and its high protein helps to keep them
healthy and improves their coats. But the winter-dry indoor
air sometimes still leads to dry skin and dandruff and dries
the fur or hair out, making it more brittle and dull-
looking. We and our pets also often get less exercise in the
winter so the natural skin oils that condition and protect
the skin and hair are less available as well.

Supplements to the rescue: HealthyPetNet offers a "Skin &
Coat Formula for Dogs & Cats"
that is a simple nutritional
supplement that you feed your cat or dog along with its
normal diet.

Discover More about the Life's Abundance Pet Products Here

Maggie my Calico Kitty
Jenny Ward

When I arrived at North Shore Adoption, I was looking for a
quiet, gentle kitten about 7 months old. Instead my friend
encouraged me and literally twisted my arm to adopt this
feisty cat, who at the time was mostly black in color with
these huge really green eyes that pierced at you. She was
working around in her cage slapping anything that came too
close. I stood there looking at her for a least a half
hour, to make sure that she would grow on me and boy did

She cried on the way home like a baby, I guess because she
was locked up with these strange people. One month later I
found out that she was deaf, her acoustic nerve was damaged
according to the Vet and she would never be able to hear.
Well my herbalist said no way, we will make her hear, almost
two years later and lots of brewers' yeast she hears quite

She is a beautiful mixture of gold and black with a huge
white area under her tummy and about 18 lbs. She is as
smart as a whip and moody as the woman she is. She is so
haughty and very fussy about what she eats and who she plays
with. She loves chocolate, but I am smart enough never to
give it to her at night, because she wants to stay up
playing all night and when I don't respond she pulls the
blanket off of me.

Forget about ignoring her while you're on the phone, she
takes it out of your hand. I remember telling her to go to
bed and instead of going to hers as she was already in mine,
she stared at me for a moment and then came and 'spooned' me
with her head on my pillow and the rest of her body fitting
into mine.

She is the most adorable cat I've ever had and I love her
like I would a child of my own. When she gets a cold or
feels sick I am out of my mind, she is extremely pretty and
people have offered me lots of money for her (ardent cat
lovers). She is my pride and joy and I hope to spend many
more years with her at my side.

Just a few lines about my animals (past and present). I have
always told my animals "I Love You", and when I do,
sometimes they give me a kiss. At present I have a male
German Shepherd who follows me around everywhere I go in the
house. He sleeps with me also. I think if he were allowed,
he would take a shower or bath with me. I don't understand
why people would not tell their animals they love
them....they tell their family that, don't they. Well!!! as
far as I am concerned your animal is family also. I am
another lover of your letters.

Daniel Mros


I have a Chihuahua mix, her name is Doshia, and I tell her I
love her at least a couple times a day. I love her so much,
she is as special like one of my children. Actually I have
called my daughters by Doshia's name, and vise and versa.
Needless to say my children don't like it. ha

Leah Hickman


I always tell my pets I love them. You can even count on
your fingers and toes how many times I do in the course of
the day. I can't go to sleep without going to all of them
and telling them "goodnight" and "I love you."

My babies are as follows: Ares and Apollo (spaniels), Pearl
(Brazilian Short-tailed Opossum), Peter (bunny-Holland lop),
-Lily and Frodo (sugar gliders) and their babies Peppermint
and Eggnog (their 1st babies), Willow (2nd pregnancy),
Pebbles and Bam-Bam (their 3rd) and there is one more on the
way-, Philbert (box turtle) and I still say I love you and
goodnight to Pinky, my hedgie that passed in Feb. Some
nights I go through all of the pets I've ever had because I
believe they are watching me. My babies mean the world to

Jeni Kimmel


Of course I tell my pets that I love them.....because they
are my children. We have a 12 year old Beagle named Ringo
Starr and a year and a half old Beagle named Timmy Wiggles
(we just love Beagles :))

Also we have 4 cats; a black female named Princess Grace who
lives outside cause she has a very moody temperament. She
acts nothing like a princess or a movie star. Inside, we
have 3 more cats; a male all white cat with one green eye
and one blue eye named Snowball and very recently we
acquired 2 part Siamese female cats which we named
Curiosity and Matilda.

We also have 2 fish named Tangerine and Tubby. Oh me, oh my,
I just realized I have not told the fish I love them; oh my
lord, I am a terrible mother! And that is what I am....
still a mom though my 2 children are grown and now I have 3
grandchildren and so I have all the animals so that I still
have kids around at all times!! 

sincerely, Marsha Graham 

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