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Sept. 01, 04

Amos; Frisky; Buddy; Kitchie; and Twinkle
Veronica d'Entremont

Each one of our pets was a Find. We found Frisky and Amos
at the dog pound; we found our cat, Twinkle, on the woodpile
one November morning. (probably waiting on a breakfast

We found Kitchie at Rivendell Bed and Breakfast in
Watkinsville, Georgia. Actually, Andrew, my son, found
Kitchie. He (Andrew) was lying in the sun napping, as any
good cat lover is wont to do, and along came Kitchie, 6
weeks old, climbed on his chest, and fell asleep.

Then there's Buddy, the most spectacular find of all. He
was about to step out on the highway, and become road kill.
I pulled my car over and called to him gently. He stopped,
looked, and sat down. I opened the car door. In he jumped,
a matted muddy mess. When we got him cleaned up we found an
exceedingly well trained Lhasa Apsa, possibly show dog-
trained, little dude. We advertised everywhere and phoned.
No one claimed him. We think he may have been stolen and
then ran away from his captors.

Now, 2 years later, he is our precious "Lila Bud". AND he
DOES NOT BARK, except in his sleep. We think that was part
of his training. We also think his name may have been
"Cookie" as he really comes 'a runnin' to that word too.

Also, the first year we had him, there were a few times he
saw a dark colored (blue) van and ran up to it expectantly,
then disappointed that whoever he was searching for wasn't
there (That's why we think he was stolen. He sticks to us
like glue so we don't think he ran off).

I hope if someone reads this and he is theirs they will know
he has settled in a nice home and is much loved and cared
for. He also takes good care of us. When the alarm goes
off, he lays himself across the top of my head until I turn
it off and get up and walk him. He's trained us very
Veronica, and son, Andrew d'Entremont.
P.S. We would like to thank whoever sent you our way.


Yes, I do tell my "little man", a smooth Fox Terrier,
black & white. He is very much a part of our family.
"Little man" knows all our secrets, problems, etc. 
he is sooo sweet and we love him dearly.



Yes I tell mine I love him. He is a Shih Tzu solid black.
He brings in the newspaper, rolls over, jumps through the
hoola hoop and lots of other tricks. His name is T.J.

Margie Praytor

We have two dogs, one is a German Shepherd / Spitz mix, and
the other a purebred Dalmatian. My boyfriend and I love
these two dogs like they are our kids. Whenever we go out
the last thing out of both our mouths is, She She, (for Sheba,
the shepherd / spitz) mommy and daddy loves you and you too
Gabby Goo, (short for Gracie, our Dalmatian), and we also
tell them to behave themselves and mommy and daddy will be
back in a little while.

When we come back, both are at the door, Gracie smiling from
ear to ear, and sheba prancing around, then they'll run to
the couch and jump up on it, and start talking to us. We
always tell our dogs that we love them, and how beautiful
they are, and that they are precious. They sleep with us,
and we take them along sometimes when we decide just to take
a Saturday or Sunday afternoon drive. There is nothing we
wouldn't do for our babies, no matter what, they always love
us, and are here waiting on us, and the best part is, if we
tell them to go to bed, they go straight to bed, no back

Paula Cook

Of course I tell my cat "I love you"! She is a beautiful 14
year old black and white cat named Panda. I usually say it
in this way to her, "we LOVE our Panda", and she sweetly
looks at me and squeezes her eyes closed in the way that
cats do when they are very pleased. 

She may not understand the words but she certainly
understands the meaning and the warmth in my voice when I
say this to her. It's a shame that humans don't show their
love as easily and openly as cats do!
So----I love you, Dave! Mom


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Here's some pretty interesting stuff about American
Quarter Horses you might not be aware of.

The difference between Thoroughbred horse racing and
American Quarter Horse racing is that Thoroughbreds run
a much longer race, three fourths of a mile or
also called 6 furlongs, Quarter horse racing only
goes one fourth of a mile or 440 yards.

When the starting gates open the clock begins to tick
in contrast to Thoroughbred racing, the clock doesn't
start ticking until the horses have made several
strides out the gate.

Talk about speed ..... the American Quarter Horse can
get their motor running up to speeds of 55 miles per hour!
Now that's a thrilling ride for a jockey. It takes less
than 21 seconds from a standing start to cover a
quarter mile of track wow talk about giddy up n go .....
The first horse to run the quarter mile at under 21 seconds
was Evening Snow in the year 1996.

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