Calendars for the Finicky Shorthair Cat and their Owner

Show one of these Cute and Adorable Shorthair
Cat Calendars to your kitty and it's tail will shoot
straight up and you'll get that special little trilling noise
they make when showing approval.

We have selected these calendars so that you
will have the best Shorthair Cat Calendar pictures
that are currently available on the internet

So Put Some Enjoyment into
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Shorthair Cats Wall Calendars

We're sure your cat will be Begging
you to get one of these Calendars for them

Shorthair Cats

Shorthair cats are most often from warmer climates. It is
suspected that the shorthair is a development that occurred
that allowed a cat to live in warm places and be able to
stay cool. Shorthair cats are a lot easier to take care of
and most often do not develop a winter coat per se like a
medium or longhaired cat does.

Shorthair cats come in a wide range of color variations and
patterns. The most common is the tabby cat that is cat of
any color with a pattern marking its coat. Most often the
pattern is darker than the surrounding fur. Many small
wildcats have similar markings, so it is believed that these
markings are throwbacks to the wild ancestors of our
domestic cats.

Grooming a shorthair cat is virtually unnecessary unless you
are using a flea comb to control pests. For the shorthairs
that do develop a winter coat, some people will use a
slicker to comb out loose hair. This prevents cat hair from
accumulating on clothing and furniture or leading to
furballs in the cat's digestive system.

There is a specific breed of cat called the Domestic
shorthair, and the term "shorthair" often rather refers to
any cat with no specific breed with shorthair.

There are specific breeds that are shorthaired:
- Abyssinian
- American Shorthair
- American Wirehair
- Bengal
- Bombay
- British Shorthair
- Burmese
- Chartreux
- Cornish Rex
- Devon Rex
- Egyptian Mau
- Japanese Bobtail
- Korat
- Manx
- Ocicat
- Oriental Shorthair
- Russian Blue
- Scottish Fold
- Siamese
- Sphynx
- Tonkinese

All of these breeds have short hair. Other than that their
body types, shapes and breeding have no relation to each
other. Even longhaired breeds can occasionally throw out a
short hair version and vice versa. This is fine for a house
cat, but not for a pedigree cat that is expected to conform
to breed standard and be shown in championships.

Unless the shorthaired cat is from a particular breed there
are no set personality characteristics other than those
common to all cats. Most often a common Domestic Shorthair
cat can have any range of personality characteristics and it
is really the luck of the draw. If you know the parents of
the cat this will give you a better idea about the
personality of the kittens they will have.

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