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Pet Vitamin

Supplements - what's

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Peppy Pets
March 12, 03

And the Question of the day becomes .....
Should My Pet be Taking any kind of Vitamin Supplement?

Just as with our own diets, water, protein, carbohydrates,
and fats are the basic building blocks of a good diet
for our pets. Yet, these are only the starting point for
our pets' healthy diet, vitamins and minerals too are essential.

If you would like to learn more about whether vitamin
supplements are needed for your pet, then.....

More Info on Pet Vitamin Supplements Here


The Best Clown, Rolff the Rottweiler even Yodels
JoAnne Hippert

Our standard poodle of fifteen years died about two years
ago. She was the most exceptional pet we have ever had.
Loving, intelligent and well trained. Last spring we began
to think of adding a new canine to the family. After much
discussion we decided on a smaller dog that would require
less maintenance like a standard Schnauzer.

Fate decided otherwise. The first visitation was a rowdy
litter of large puppies on our deck. We thought they
belonged to our new neighbors. About a month later the
litter returned and we realized they were dumpees. Only two
emaciated puppies remained of the original seven or eight.
The male pup took one look at me and decided he was home.
The female must have been too ill. She just disappeared a
day or two later. But the big red puppy stayed with us to
the delight of our granddaughter.

This bag of skin and bones named himself. He talks or yodels
as some call it. So Rrrrrrrlf became Rolff. He has grown
into a monster exceeding seventy-five pounds. (Last weight
we could get on him.) He is red to wheaten in color with
very dark edging on his ears, mouth, and tail. The vet says
he is a Rottweiler cross. We can also identify some
Chow Chow characteristics such as a heavier muzzle and
blue on the tongue.

He is nosey and steals everything from casserole dishes to
metal strips from cars. We keep a pile of his booty on the
front porch and return all to the neighbors a couple of
times a month. He still tries to talk and I swear he says
hello every time I come home. He sounds just like Scooby Doo.
And looks a lot like him too --- minus the spots.

As all pet owners know, whichever pet you have is the best
ever. Shasta was the best poodle and Rolff is the best
clown. He has brought joy and laughter to us all. There is
nothing like watching a huge red dog rolling around on the
living room carpet. He walls his eyes, pushes the furniture
around the room, and sleeps right in the pathways. Well,
maybe that small dog is somewhere in our future but life
with Rolff is the present.


Skin and Coat Problems

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Pugsley the Wonder Dog
Susan C. Smith

We lost our dog, "Gizmo" in March of 1999, after a severe
reaction to the rabies vaccination. He was only 6 years old
and my son and he were inseparable. Then the unspeakable
happened. On July 1, 1999, our son was in a bicycle accident
and due to medical malpractice, he died. He was only 18. I
was in shock. First our dog, then our son.

Then on July 1st, 2001, a miracle came into our life. A
little black Pug puppy! My son had told me that when he
finished working his summer job, he wanted to buy me a Pug.
I think he did. We got Pugsley on July 1, 2001, exactly 2
years to the day of our son's death. I think he sent Pugsley
to me in some unearthly way.

Pugsley is my baby, protector, and companion. He looks after
me almost like a human nurse. I am a severe diabetic and I
was in the bathroom one day when I suddenly passed out. From
what I was told, Pugsley raced into the room and began
barking to alert my husband, who was in the other room.
Thanks to Pugsley, I received medical help in time, as I had
broken my nose and had severe contusions to my head. Now he
will not let me go into a room unless he is with me! I truly
believe that my son and God conspired together and sent me
my Pugsley, my "wonder dog"!

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