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What an Angel of

a Dog: Pickle the

Poodle Puppy Pickle

Peppy Pets
May 19, 03

Pickle the Poodle Puppy Pickle

This is the story of a little angel Poodle named Pickle. My
daughter would always have me check out
a book at the library called Penny's Poodle Puppy Pickle.
She announced that she wanted a poodle puppy named Pickle.
When my daughter was to turn 4 on her Dec birthday I decided
she was at the right age for her poodle puppy Pickle.

My sister in law found us the little angel. She was an angel
from the start. She grew up with my daughter. She was
dressed in baby doll clothes. Was a pretend ghost when the
cartoon ghost busters was popular. She chewed Barbie shoes
and was my daughters and my best friend. She was always by
our side. She always knew when we needed her most.

For some reason she had health problems and had to have
several surgeries. Each time it was like a child was having
surgery. Only I couldn't stay with her. At 8 yrs she was
dx'd with diabetes. She was given insulin shots 2x's a day.
She never complained. She took her shots like a trooper. She
went to doggie "daycare" while we got her insulin under
control. She became even more human.

With her being a miniature Poodle, she always wore dog sweaters
when it was cold. We had T-shirts for her. My sister in law
had groomed her every week all of her life. She was a true
member of the whole family. The day she passed. She was 2
months short of 11 years. I felt as if my heart was ripped
from my chest. I know my daughter felt the same way too.

Other people who aren't pet lovers can't understand. They
think they are just animals and if they aren't well and are
going to cost money should be put to sleep. Well as I told
one lady at work, I asked her if she became diabetic would
she want me to have her put to sleep.

We still have pictures of Pickle all over our house she will
never be forgotten, but we now have an angel named Stacie
that we adopted from an animal shelter and she is totally
different from Pickle and we just adopted a new puppy that
is a miniature Dachshund named Lili. Our vet says our pets
live better than most people but I feel if we are blessed
enough to have them then it is our responsibility to spoil
them and love them as much as we can.

We also have a bunny named Lucky that we adopted from my
daughters friend and a tiel named Petie that we adopted when
my daughters great grandmother passed. We are truly
blessed. There is nothing other than a child greeting you
when you get home that compares to a dog greeting you when
you get home. I've never felt so loved as when I come home
from work each day. If I had nothing but my family and my
animal family I would consider myself the richest person in
the world. The stranger couldn’t help but be amused."


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Born in a Prison, Max is one Brave Kitty

My cat "MAX" weighs 13 lbs and he is only 8 months old. He
is gray and black in color. Max was born in prison (Where I
work) and the inmates platted his tail and the end of his
tail came off after he came to my home.

Max likes to play by biting, he is so brave he runs the
neighbors dogs out of our yard. He will run and jump on my
back in the afternoon and climb all the way up to my
shoulder. Max is so loving to the whole family we feel he
has been with us forever. When he gets ready to come in the
house he just stands and looks with one paw on the door. He
is a great cat.
Doris Halford


My husband came home one day after visiting friends. He
announced that they all of a sudden had all these puppies (5
I think) and they had wanted him to take one. He said no.
We did not want a dog.

Our friends had arrived home from holidays and found their
dog had died of old age. She got out the local paper and
started looking for another dog. One of the calls was a
young girl with a new baby and 5, 3 month old puppies, she
burst into tears and told my friend that if they did not get
a home today they would have to go to the SPCA. It was
already 5 p.m. The puppies were on the mainland and we live
on an island. MY friend grabbed her playpen (She had 3 small
children at the time) and her husband and headed for the
ferry. On the other side the young girl waited in the parking
lot with all the puppies. The captain held the ferry so my
friends could get off get the puppies and get back on.
(this was the last ferry that night)

At the time our son was very shy and introverted . We
thought the dogs were Doberman Pinscher Rottweiler mix
so we thought that maybe this type of dog would help his
self confidence. So we got Sally.

She wasn't much help for my son, but she has
become my best friend, she is now 10 years old. When we
visit our friends or they visit us she totally knows who
they are and is always so happy to see them. We are sure she


Fluffy is a sweet Pomeranian two and half years old full of
energy and lots of love. She is part of our family who was
fed with feeding bottle when her mother was kidnapped. Fluffy
has developed habit of having a wash after walk. She never
enter into the rooms if she never has a wash. She brushes
teeth. She is part of our family.

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